Thursday, July 28, 2016

Congratulations, Emma!

Welcome to the 2nd Blogger of The Month award!
Back in January we awarded Maddie for her inspirational photography... And today...

Congratulations, Emma!! You are Blogger Of The Month! I love your funny photostories, relatable posts, and your comments on my blog and other's are always so nice! You deserve some recognition. Congrats!

Who shall go on the magical journey? YOU VOTE!

I have an announcement to make!
I am going to Disney world!!! Yay!!!
I can't say when, because you know, privacy. Can't have you knowing where I am. But, it's soon.
And I HAVE to bring a doll!! 
So, I went around the dollhouse and asked everyone if they wanted to go to Disney world, and if so, why should they be the one to go.
For a bit of comical effect, I decided to find the dolls just as they were at that moment, and not let them get fixed for interview. I found them in some pretty amusing situations.
So, without further ado, TO THE DOLLS!
First I went to find Molly, she was being pretty normal, compared to some of the other girls. She was just chatting with Emily.

I snapped a quick photo of her to go with her reasoning. So, here it is.
"I would LOVE to go to Disney World! I want to go on all the awesome scary rides and I want to wear a princess dress and meet Cinderella! I love Cinderella. Anyway, I should be the one to go, because I was Tenley's first doll. I was here first! Therefore, I should get to go to Disney World with Tenley." -Molly

Next up, Emily!
"I want to go back to Disney World! See, I went with Tenley to Disney World several years ago, she was very little then. I think she should follow the tradition, and bring me again." -Emily
So I didn't get a pic of what kit was doing, but she was just writing the daily family newspaper at her desk. Here's what she had to say when I asked her of she wanted to go to Disney World.
"Of course I want to go to Disney world! I want to do a report on it and see if all the articles calling it the "happiest place on Earth" are actually true! I think I should go above my sisters because I want to go for a real logical purpose, and not just to dress up and have fun!" -Kit
Here looking for Ruthie, I found her trying to do Lea's hair. Let's just say she wasn't doing too great of a job.
"Disney World?! DISNEY WORLD?! OMG YES I WANT TO GO! I LOVE DISNEY SO MUCH! DISNEY IS LIFE! DISNEY IS AMAZING! I love fairytales, I love princesses, I love fairies, I love mermaids, I want to go to to Disney World!!! I think I should go because I am the biggest Disney fanatic of the house!" -Ruthie
"Ooh Disney World sounds fun! I could go on an adventure! I would go on all the rides! I think I should go because hmm... I want to!" -Lea

I found Lilo rummaging through some of Lea's stuff. Let's not question it.
"Disney World, huh? Hmm. I mean, I guess it'd be cool to go. I mean, I'm from the Disney Store.  But really, I'd rather stay home." -Lilo
(She's not too enthusiastic.)
Grace was washing dishes. Not much to it. 
"Ahhhhh, Disney? Wow. Uh... I'd love to go! I don't have much reason besides... well... It's Disney! The happiest place on Earth! I mean, who wouldn't want to go?! I think i should go because I... well... I don't know." -Grace
He he he... This was quite interesting. Callista and Astrid had just returned from a hike. It seemed to not be a particularly successful one. Their hair was in drastic need of brushing.
"Oh I'm so sorry I look awful. I promise, I normally look MUCH better. Anyway, ah, Disney. Disney is magical. I would love to meet the Disney Princesses. I mean, they always look so perfect! I want some makeup tips from them! I think I should be the one to go because I am the second oldest. And BY FAR the most mature! Right Tenley? "Uh... yeah... sure Astrid, sure"."
"Ooh I want to go to Disney! I want to see all the animals in the Animal Kingdom! And I want to meet my favorite Disney Princess, Jasmine!" -Calllista
Maryellen was playing with her Shopkins and holding Samantha.
"Oh golly! I would absolutely LOVE to go to Disney World! I want to be in the magic of it all! Real life is so boring. Disney World would be an escape from it! I think I should get to go because I'm the youngest, besides Lilo, and Disney is for kids!" -Maryellen
Saige was doing some barn chores.
"Oh I want to go to see all the animals in the Animal Kingdom! And to go horseback riding on the savanna there! That would be a dream come true!" -Saige
Oh this took some explaining....
So basically, Loralie and Gwen were bowling. It was Gwen's turn, and she had just gotten her first strike. She was super excited, and in her excitement, she slipped and fell flat on her face, breaking her nose. After we got her nose all patched up, I interviewed her and Loralie.
"Let's ignore my nose? Okay? Okay.
I want to go to Disney. I know I don't seem like that type, but I want to see the Starwars rides, and the Phineas and Ferb attractions. Of course with my newfound nose injury, that may be a bit difficult, but it'll still be fun. I think I should go, because as the eldest doll of the family, at the ripe old age of 14, I should have the right. Thank you, this message has been brought to you by Gwen."
(There was more, but much of it was rambling, so I cut down mini-Gwen's response a tad bit.)
"I want to go to Disney because I've never been on a trip before. I really want to see the Phineas and Ferb rides, and STARWARS!!! Yes, I'd love that. I live and breathe Starwars. I think I should go because I've never been on vacation before." -Loralie

Now that all the dolls have spoken, they request your help! Comment who you think deserves to go the Disney the most. You have 2 votes, so you can choose 2 different dolls, or choose 1 doll twice. Help decide who gets to go to Disney World!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Q&A - Answers!

So, I'm ready to answer the Q&A questions. I'm also going to throw in some random facts about me. :)

From Marrissa:
1. What is your favorite doll that you own?
Well, it changes. But overall, probably Maryellen! She's so cute, and I love her story and personality!
2. If you could pick 3 dolls from AG, which would you pick?
Hmm... That's hard! But probably... Julie, #64, and #27.

From Emma:
1. If you could make a custom doll, what would she look like?
COLORFUL HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Where would you most like to take pictures of your dolls?
It doesn't snow where I live, so I have ALWAYS wanted to try snowy winter photos. Also, Disney World! It just seems like pictures in front of Cinderella's castle would be so cute!

From Izzy:
Favorite song at the moment?
1.Me Too by Meghan Trainor! I love her songs.
2. Have you ever been outside the US before?
Not technically, but I've gotten pretty close. Last year I went to Puerto Rico!

From Maddie:
1. Favorite summer activity?
Swimming! Or sleeping, lol.
2. Most photogenic doll you own?
Either Callista or... hmm... Maryellen. Yeah, Callista or Maryellen!
3. Biggest AG inspiration?
I have SEVERAL! But, my top 3 would be you, (Dolls On My Mind) Gwen, (Alone In Doll World) or agoverseasfan on Youtube. :)
4. Favorite doll-related memory?
5-year-old me running around the AG store trying to take in the amazingness of it all, whilst trying to pick my first doll. XD

5 Random Facts:
1. I currently have 2 teal streaks and 1 magenta streak in my hair!
2. My next post will be about who I should take on my upcoming trip to Disney World!
3. I have always liked Pokemon, and I am obsessed with Pokemon Go right now!!
4. I have lots of pets.
5. I have ONE real-life friend who still likes dolls!!

Thanks for the questions guys! Still waiting on the pictures, sorry! My camera is so messed up. :(

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Hello there! 
So, I'm working on getting a good photoshoot, but now my camera is super messed up, so that'll have to wait a few days. Sorry! 
In the meantime, I thought I'd do a Q&A, because I feel like a lot has changed since I last did one of these. 
So, go on and please comment some questions for me to answer!! Thanks! 
~Tenley and the Sunshine Dollies

Friday, July 8, 2016


I'm back. Yep, I'm back. It's been about 6 months since my last photoshoot.
I know, that deserves an explanation, it does.
But not today.
Today, I bring you... a new doll!
I went to the AG store a few days ago, thinking I'd just be browsing. However, I came home with a new beauty. :)

Meet Callista (Kuh-List-Uh) Jade Montoya, or Josephina! I did NOT expect to ever get Joesphina, but she is really under-rated! She is BEAUTIFUL! I went to the store with my friend, and she got her too. However, my Josephina doll's hair is much longer than her's! When unbraided, Callista's hair reaches her ankles, while my friend's doll goes only to her lower back! I'm not sure what's going on there, but oh well! I LOVE this doll!

My photography is really rusty, I'm sorry. But oh my gosh, Callista is GORGEOUS! I love love love LOVE her!!!
And, guys, I'm so happy to be back. What posts do you want next? :)