Sunday, November 29, 2015

Macy's Back!

My family's Elf On The Shelf, "Macy", is home for the holidays! Do any of you guys have elves? If so, what are their names and where is the craziest place you've found them?

Friday, November 27, 2015

What's Up? - November

So, I've come up with a new post I'll be doing called "What's Up?".  This will pretty much be a summary of anything interesting or significant that has happened throughout the month. I'll be doing this one in no specific order, just stuff that happened that pops into my head. I'll probably stick Kathryn's "A Tea and a Read" in here somewhere too.

First random thing that happened, I fainted. I was getting a bunch of vaccinations, 4, and apparently one of them had a side affect of "light-headedness". I was fine at first, but then on the way out of the doctor's office, I started to feel dizzy. I sort of mumbled, "I feel funny." and next thing I know I'm laying on the floor with a pack of nurses staring down at me. That incident has earned me the nickname, "Fainting Goat" from my older brother.

I got detention. I didn't do anything horribly bad, I was just late to my science class. That landed me in a room with a bunch of really creepy 8th grade kids. I'm not even joking, they were horrid. You wouldn't even believe how awful those kids were. Once, a janitor walked by, and someone crumpled up a sheet of paper and THREW IT AT HIM. And then, like 5 minutes before the end, another guy got up and said, "This is stupid, I'm done." and he just walked out, while the teacher screamed at him to sit back down. I didn't even realize people like that even went to my school! That was the most miserable hour of my life.

Earlier this week, my cousin Olivia flew in for a visit. We're really good friends, (We call each other "Frousins".) and so I was really happy to have her around. Here's a link to her DeviantArt account: Click Here

This was just yesterday, me and Olivia found a lizard on the window in her grandma's house. We caught him and kept him for the day. It was so cool! He was actually REALLY CALM! He walked around with him on our shoulders and when we couldn't hold him we kept him in a little terrarium thing. We named him Raptor, because his head reminded me of a velociraptor's. We think he was a "Green Anole" because he could change from brown to green.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving! Woo hoo! I spent the day with Olivia at her grandma's. We ate turkey and potatoes and pumpkin pie and green beans and cookies and... well, just a ton of food. It was pretty fun!!!

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, fa la la la la, la la, la, la.
Ok, so Christmas didn't pass yet, but it's just around the corner! I'm looking forward to the music, the lights, family, a break from school, decorating, our Elf On The Shelf "Macy", and once again, FOOD! Ha ha! ;) Who else is excited for the best holiday ever! Of course, that is, if you celebrate Christmas.

A Tea and a Read
Currently drinking: Just a plain glass of ice water
Currently reading: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Thanks for reading till the end! Please comment what you've been up to!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dolls With Style: 1

Have you seen Bella's new link-up, Trendy Moment? It's super fun! There's a weekly theme, (sparkly, cowgirl, etc.) and you have to create an outfit based on that theme! I figured, it'd be super cool to do a doll version of the game! My doll version of Trendy Moment will be called Dolls With Style. Once again, full credit of the original idea goes to Bella. Now, are you ready for your theme? This round, the theme will be... Sweater Weather! Here's our example:
Please excuse the low-quality photo.
Isabelle is wearing a red sweater from Grace's City Outfit, thick grey leggings from an AG winter set, and AG black boots.
Now hurry to go find your "sweater weather" outfit, snap a picture of your doll wearing it, do a blog post on it, and comment a link to you post! It's super fun and quick, this only took me about 15 minutes! Have fun with it, I hope you'll participate!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Life In The Saddle

While I'm not super active on this blog, I am going to be posting quite a bit on another blog! Go to my horse blog, Life In The Saddle! I'll likely be posting there at least every other day. Right now I only have 4 followers on that blog, but I'm hoping some of you will go add yourselves to the four! It just got an awesome design by Kathryn at In The Depths Of Dreams. (She also did The Sunshine Dollies and Wild Among The Flowers.) She did a wonderful job, much better than I could ever do! So, go to Life In The Saddle to see more posts from me, and to check out the great design Kathryn did!


Oh and here's a link: Click Here

Monday, November 2, 2015

Ramblings, Updates, and...Other stuff.

Here I will pour my random thoughts over the past two weeks that have made me think, "I should post about this."

My Halloween was not the best. I was dressed as Maleficent, which was actually (in my opinion) a pretty cool and non-boring costume. I went to go trick or treating with my friend, and a group of her friends. We went to about 3 houses and then- BAM! It's pouring. We were two blocks away from my friend's house, so we had to walk through the storm, with water up to our ankles. My costume makeup was running down my eyes and by the end of the walk I looked like a zombie. Yeah, not the greatest day of my life.

Halloween Dance
So,  My friends convinced me to go to the school's Halloween Dance. It wasn't horrible, I mean, it could have been much worse. I danced at the beginning even though they kept playing songs like whip-nay-nay-whatever that everybody but me knew the dance to but me. After like 30 minutes, I just stood in a corner and ate cookies while everyone around me socialized. It was pretty fun though.

Yeah, odd subtitle, I know. I think I'm getting a cold. I'm all stuffy and bleh and bleh. Got a nasty cough too. I'm just really congested.
Also, my friend Brea from that post I did way back in April, (this one) Is dealing with her kidney cancer again. I hope and pray she'll be alright!

So I may or may not have posted about this but there have been 3 cats hanging around at my house. They're feral, but they are slowly getting used to us.
One of them died. He was a little black and white kitten. He climbed into my mom's car's engine and well.... you can guess what happened. I was really, really upset at first, but I'm ok now. Rest in peace, nameless kitten.
The remaining kitten's mother sort of left her. After her first kitten passed away she just left and din't come back.
We trapped the last cat yesterday. We had her in a little dog cage and were feeding her. She actually calmed down after a while and would tolerate us petting her. She even purred a little. <3 We let her go last night, and she's been hanging around on the porch, though she won't allow anyone to approach her.

On the subject of blogging, er... Don't have much to say. I'm not posting much just cause of school and such, but I'm not on break or anything. Go check out my latest fav new blog here: Riding In Style.

Lastly, how are you doing? What's been happening? I would like you to compare your past week or two to the following:

A type of weather
A food
A drink

Mine would be: Cloudy, Bagel, Unsweet iced tea.
It's just been sort of boring, not bad, but dreary and bleh.
Bleh is the word of the day.