Meet The Dollies

If you want to meet the dolls of this blog, you've come to the right place. Here are my 12 dolls, all of which I am extremely grateful for.
Here are... The Sunshine Dollies!

Full name: Molly Anne Mcintire
Nicknames: Olly O' Molly
Age: 9

Birthday: April 22nd
Personality: Molly is silly and adventurous. She loves hanging out with Emily and playing with her dog, Bennett. She also likes gymnastics.
Fun fact: Molly used to  be my look-alike, besides her eye color and her glasses.
Favorite ice-cream flavor: Chocolate
Favorite book/series: Warriors
Favorite color: Yellow
Dream career: Gymnast
How I got her: I got Molly when I was 7 years old. She was my first doll and I picked her out myself at the American Girl Store.

Full name: Emily Rose Bennet 
Nicknames: Emmy, Em, 
Age: 9

Birthday: September 29th
Personality: Emily is very polite. She is great in school, and she loves to do hair and play dolls with Molly.
Fun fact: Emily is from England. (Not really, just in her story)
Favorite ice-cream flavor: Vanilla
Favorite book/series: Little Woman
Favorite Color: Pink

Dream Career: Teacher or nurse
How I got her: I got Emily for Christmas from my mom in 2011.

Full name: Saige Elizabeth Copeland 
Nicknames: Saigey (When her sisters are bugging her they call her this)

Birthday: October 8th
Personality: Saige loves to ride horses, but she also loves art. She has her very own horse, Dusty.
Fun Fact: This isn't fun at all, but Saige had to go to the American Girl Hospital when my Dad's german shepherd chewed a hole into her side.
Favorite ice-cream flavor: Cookies n' Cream
Favorite book/series: My Friend Flicka
Favorite color: Blue

Dream Career: Art teacher or riding instructor
How I got her: I got Saige at the American Girl Store with my mom in August 2013.
Full name: Margaret Mildred Kitteredge (Kit)
Nicknames: She goes by Kit, and sometimes her sisters call her "Kit Cat".
Age: 10

Birthday: May 19th
Personality: Kit is a tomboy, she loves being outdoors and playing, climbing trees, or skateboarding. She also loves photography and wishes to be a photographer someday.
Fun fact: She loves dogs.
Favorite ice-cream flavor: Cookie Dough
Favorite book/series: Robin Hood
Favorite Color: Green

Dream Career: Photographer or journalist
How I got her: I saved up my money and bought Kit sometime around spring 2014.

Full name: Ruthie Erin Smithens
Nicknames: None.
Age: 10

Birthday:August 22nd
Personality: Ruthie loves fairy tales. She believes in magic, fairies, mermaids... all of that. Ruthie secretly LOVES to sing. She also loves to read and is a bit of a bookworm. 
Fun fact: Ruthie loves Christmas-time.
Favorite ice-cream flavor: Strawberry
Favorite book/series: Land Of Stories
Favorite color: Purple

Dream Career: Singer
How I got her: I was going to buy Ruthie right before she retired, but sadly it was too late by the time I had enough money, so my amazing, wonderful mom helped me buy her off Amazon, or Ebay, I can't  remember.

Full name: Astrid Isabelle Palmer
Nicknames: Tris
Birthday: February 2nd
Personality: Astrid is girly, and loves hair. She's crazy, and loves experimenting with new styles of clothing and hairdos. Astrid is unique and fun, and is the life of any party. 
Fun fact: Astrid was previously Isabelle, but I really just didn't like her. I didn't like her name, and I didn't like her personality. So, I drew some freckles on her, (removable ones) gave her some colorful extensions, and changed her name! I believe Maddie from Dolls On My Mind came up with her name. 
Favorite Ice-Cream flavor: Bubble Gum
Favorite book/series: The Lunar Chronicals
Favorite color: Coral
Dream Career: Hairstylist
How I got her: I received Isabelle for Christmas 2014.

Full name: Grace Juliett Thomas
Nicknames: Sometimes people call her by her middle name, Juliette, but not often.
Birthday: May 18th 
Personality: She loves to bake, and is very crafty. She loves finding new, fun crafts online and making Rainbow-loom bracelets. Grace is also very organized and neat.
Fun fact: She makes "The Best" blueberry muffins. :D
Favorite ice-cream flavor: Cotton Candy
Favorite book/series: The Penderwicks
Favorite color: Light blue
Dream Career: Grace dreams of owning her own bakery.
How I got her: I bought Grace with my own money February 2015.

Full name: Gwendolyn Maple Bowers
Nicknames: She goes by Gwen.
Age: 14, the eldest of the dolls.
Birthday: June 6th
Personality: She is quite funny, makes up lots of funny stories, is sarcastic, and just generally humorous.
Fun fact: She is the only one of my dolls to have her own room.
Favorite ice-cream flavor: Chocolate. She loves all chocolate.
Favorite book/series: Bartemaeus
Favorite color: Blue and green.
Dream career: Doesn't know
Favorite activities: hiking, running, drawing, painting, dolls,
How I got her: I bought Gwen with birthday money in July 2015.

  Full Name: Maryellen Shirley Larkin
Nickname: Ellie
Age: 9
Birthday: June 6th
Personality: Maryellen is a positive problem-solver. She always looks on the bright side of things. Ellie loves a good adventure, and is known to frequently play pretend. This 50's girl strives to be unique, to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes she goes overboard trying to prove herself, but she always knows to take resonsibility for her mistakes, and will no doubt fix them right away. 
Fun Fact: Maryellen loves movies, tv shows, and books, because she dreams of fantasy worlds all the time. She has a lively imagination.
Favorite Ice-cream: Bluebell's Great Divide
Favorite book/series: The Lord of The Rings and Charlotte's Web
Favorite Color: Green
Dream Career: Explorer
Favorite Activities: pretending, playing outdoors, climbing trees, daydreaming, drawing,
How I got her: I bought Maryellen with an AG gift-card I received on Christmas 2015.

Full name: Loralie Kennedy Klienpeter
Nickname: Kennedy
Age: 13
Birthday: September 3rd
Personality: Loralie is pretty quirky and nerdy inside, but hides it well. She appears very mature and sophisticated. She loves Star Wars and still watches cartoons. She's very smart and loves hiking.
Fun fact: Loralie has type 1 diabetes. 
Favorite ice-cream: Vanilla bean
Favorite book/series: She has tons! 
Favorite activities: Crocheting, crafting, watching Star Wars, and hiking.
How I got her: My good friend Emma gave me Loralie (previously named Kennedy) when she found her in an old toy box. Emma didn't play with her anymore, and Loralie was in pretty bad shape, so she gave this sweet girl to me!

Full name: Lea Kylie Clark
Nickname: N/A
Age: 11
Birthday: June 21st
Personality: Lea is adventurous and dreams of travel. She is a photographer. She isn't afraid to take risks or change her plans. She is impulsive and fiery, with a quick wit and a strong heart. She follows her instincts rather than her brain, but usually figures it out in the end. 
Fun fact: Lea's #1 talent is photography.
Favorite activities: Hiking, cycling, exploring, traveling, photography, and snorkeling.
How I got her: My mom bought her "because she was beautiful!" and gave her to me.

Full name: Callista Jade Montoya
Age: 13
Birthday: August 23rd
Personality: Callista is respectful and polite. She is productive and works hard in all she does. She has great ideas, but is open to others as well. 
Fun fact: This Josephina doll has longer hair than most. 
Favorite activities: Sewing, playing dolls, taking care of horses, doing hair, and weaving.
How I got her: I bought Callista at the AG store with my 12th birthday money. 



  1. Beautiful dolls! I especially love that picture of Isabelle, I was very impressed!

  2. OMIGOD! I FINALLY found a girl online who's doll LOVES Dork Diaries! (Fun fact: I have EVERY SINGLE DORK DIARIES BOOK THAT WAS EVER MADE!!!) ;)

    1. ;) I've read them too, but really I'm not a HUGE fan... They're okay though.

    2. Yeah. If you told that to my friend, she would go NUTS!!!!!! Also she wouldn't want to be friends with you...

    3. It's just that they're really short... I like books a bit longer, I finish Dork Diaries books within like 30 minutes.

  3. you have a lovely collection, all the girls are wicked cute. ^_^


    1. Thank you a bunch. I love your collection too! Have you added Indie and Archer to your doll page? (I'll go look whether you answer or not.)

  4. You have such cute dolls:) I LOVE MOLLYS OUTFIT SO MUCH! I wish I bought those shorts when they were still available.

  5. Aww, all of your dolls are so cute! I especially love Ruthie and Grace's pictures. :)

  6. You have an absolutely lovely collection of dolls. <3

    1. Thank you Ginny! Thank you for following The Sunshine Dollies as well!

  7. You have such cute dolls! I love their profile pictures. :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  8. When is Gwens profile gona show up

  9. I love Ellie's personality!

  10. All your dolls are so pretty!! My favorite dolls of yours has to be Astrid and Molly. (I LOOOOVVVEE Warriors!!!) I love how you customized Astrid, I am currently customizing my Rebecca doll my sister gave me. ^-^

    1. Thanks so much, me too! I'm glad you like Astrid, because for some reason, lots of people liked Isabelle more! Interesting, what do you plan to change about her?

    2. I actually just finished her this evening!! I hope to do a post about her soon. I washed and straightened her hair, and gave her permanent freckles. ^-^ I LOOVVEE the highlights in Astrid's hair, my Isabelle my have to take hair lessons from Astrid. ;) (Isabelle has trouble with having SUPER frizzy hair that is super thick and feels like hay or straw. I think she will be visiting the doll hospital soon)

    3. How cool! I'll definitely read the post! That's really neat!
      Thanks so much!
      Isabelle's hair does seem to get like that. I don't like it.

  11. Wow! Your dolls are gorgeous- I love them all!
    ~ Light4theLord

  12. Awesome dolls!
    kaitlynh1 @ Kaits AG Crafts

  13. Your dolls are so cute! I love their pictures!



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