Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! 

     Yes, I know it's now Christmas yet. But, in a few hours, it will be Christmas Eve! I'm a little sad the Christmas season is almost over, but that's ok. I love Christmas so much. <3 Who doesn't?
     I was going to ask, would you like me to do a Christmas haul? I kind of feel like that's bragging, but let me know if you'd enjoy it. If you would, would you prefer just doll things or everything I get?
     I just realized I never did the "My Christmas Wishlist" post I promised! Well, I don't have time to do a pretty, put-together post, but in case you're curious, here's what I am hoping for.
Of course, I know I won't get everything on this list, and I am in no way expecting or asking for that!

  1. I really want a computer. My reason is fairly valid; there are multiple. One, I constantly borrow my mom's computer for school, and I really need one where I can keep all my files, projects, and papers organized. Two, I need it for this blog. Not having my own computer to post from and upload photos to makes the whole process really bothersome. If I get my own computer, posts will be much more frequent. My third reason is more impractical; I really want Sims 4!
  2. I need a desk. For school, and basically no other reason. I tend to get distracted doing my homework on the couch, floor, or in bed. 
  3. Some doll stuff would be cool! I asked specifically for some scenes, Maryellen's school outfit, and the AG camping set. I didn't ask for a doll, simply because I have already gotten four this year, and I feel like that is enough. Not that I don't ever want a new doll, but I'm still plenty in love with my newest additions to have a huge need for a new girl. 
  4. Do I want a lizard?! Ok, this one isn't so much a Christmas list item as much as a little dream of mine. Since I was little, I have always wanted a bearded dragon, but my mom says reptiles are gross. She's probably right. While lizard pets are really cool, I don't really know much about them, and getting one would probably be a bad idea. 
  5. A new phone. Since I have added both a phone and a computer to my wishlist, I'd like to make it clear that I am not serious. Sure, I'd like all these things, but I don't actually ask people for all of them. I do need a new phone though. Mine is three years old, and doesn't really work. I'm not going to complain about all the issues it has, because I'm quite blessed to have a phone at all, but I'd really like one with a better camera so that I can take some quality photos. 
  6. Writing goodies! Pretty much everything off of this list is awesome!
Okay, so yeah, that's my unrealistic dreamer's wishlist. It's a tad crazy, but hey, I'm just having fun. Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone! May your days be merry and bright!


Monday, December 12, 2016

December Blogger of The Month Is...

     Hello! I am thrilled to present the December Blogger of The Month! But first, how about a last recognition for our November Blogger of The Month, Madi at Delightful World Of Dolls! She was our last amazing Blogger, and now it's time to see who will be filling her shoes for December. 
     This girl really deserves it, and I think you guys will agree. She's fairly well-known in the blogiverse, and for good reason. Her posts are innovative, fun, and professional all at the same time. Without further ado... 

     American Girl Doll Artist, congratulations! You really deserve this. You have taken your blogging to the next level with your professional style and original posts. You're the real-deal: an inspiration to doll bloggers everywhere! I really loved your Star Wars themed post, and all your updates and AG news. Your artwork is also incredible; you are very talented!
     I've decided Blogger of The Months need a little more awarding; all they've gotten in the past is a little button and a post of acknowledgement. I don't have any great ideas on what else I can offer, but I thought maybe a guest post on here would be cool? (If you want to, American Girl Doll Artist.) Does anybody have better ideas for a prize? If so, comment! And AGDA, tell me what you'd like! Don't be shy!
     To conclude, thank you American Girl Doll Artist for blessing us with your awesome blog, Small Dolls In a Big World! Everyone, go check out her blog, and please leave a comment congratulating her! She deserves it!
     Congratulations, American Girl Doll Artist! What other prize would you enjoy? A guest post, or something else? Let me know!


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Girl Of The Year 2017

Really, AG?!
The GOTY 2017 has been leaked, and I am not impressed.

This is Gabriela Mcbride.

Physical Appearance
Gabriela is #46. Are you kidding me?! This is ridiculous. There is absolutely no difference between #46 and Gabriela, and it seems AG was well aware of this, for they retired #46 earlier this year. She has dark skin, the classic face mold, curly brown hair, and brown eyes. No difference whatsoever! I'm really aggravated by this. They can't discontinue a doll, put her in a new outfit, and call it a new item. Not cool, AG. Not cool.

Meet Outfit
Gabriela comes in some jeggings, purple and teal sneakers, and a purple crop tee layered with a teal tank-top; her hair is thrown up in a pink headband. I do not like this get-up. The sneakers have already been out before, simply pink instead of purple. Those jeggings have come with loads of outfits. The shirt appears to be poorly-made, something AG would once hand out for free at a GOTY's release. Evidently, those days are over.

Gabriela is a dancer. Another. Dancer. Why can't we have a doll who's a basketball star, a doll who writes, or maybe a doll who doesn't know what her talent is? Or, shocker, a GOTY whose life doesn't revolve around a common hobby. Maybe a doll dealing with loss, divorce, or poverty! The real girls of America deal with more than twirls and pirouettes. Honestly, this whole doll is just a repeat of different dolls and items. She stutters, which is nice, (finally some disability representation) but they seem to be focusing more on her dance-life. AG is missing out on a great story!

Overall, if you can't tell, I do not like Gabriela. However, this is my opinion, and it's ok if you love her! I simply do not. Let me know in a comment: Do you agree or disagree with my points? What do YOU think of the Girl Of The Year 2017?

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ruthie's Wishlist

  Today I'll be doing a twist on the usual Christmas List, and allow one of the Sunshine Dollies to share their wish-list with you. Here's Ruthie!

Hello, Ruthie here! 
So, today I'll be sharing what I'm hoping to get from Santa. However, before I do, I want you to know that I ADORE Christmas. It's the best time of the year! It's wonderful; the food, the dresses, the presents, the movies, the music, the family, the glitter everywhere! Ah. It's amazing.
Anyway, let's see what's first up on my list!

Melody's Recording Studio!
Okay, I know this is kind of unrealistic. What can I say... I'm a dreamer! At a daunting $250, I'd be the luckiest girl in the world to possess this piece; I love singing and this has everything I need to work towards my dreams. Plus, those walls are sound-proof, so my sisters won't be able to hear me!

Next up is Samantha's coat. 
I love Samantha's collection to the moon and back. We have one of her dresses, and whenever I wear it, I feel like an absolute princess! This coat is sophisticated and lady-like; I want it so bad!

A little far-fetched again, but I really, really, REALLY want a hedgehog. They're so cute; I hear you can give them bubblebaths, and pet their tummies, and AWWW! Look at his face!

I sincerely need a bed. I've been sharing one with Kit for- well, forever, and the Great Depression has long since ended. I believe I deserve my own bed soon. This one is a lovely pink, with gorgeous gold accents on the headboard. Doesn't the ruffled bedding look oh-so cozy?

Once again, Samantha's collection is to-die-for. This set it no different! Imagine me: forcing Kit to sit like a lady in a nice dress, sipping tea together and daintily nibbling cakes. It sounds splendid.

One final thing: I'd really like the Starry Silver Purse from American Girl. It's shiny, starry, and has that beautiful sky-blue tucked under the cutouts. I think it's so cute!

I really hope Santa grants my wishes this Christmas. Bye! 

 𝓡𝓾𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓮 𝓢𝓶𝓲𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓷𝓼

It's Tenley again. Who knows, maybe Ruthie will get some of these things for Christmas, and maybe she won't. That's up to Santa Clause. ;)
Comment your favorite thing off Ruthie's list. Mine's probably Sam's coat; it's darling! What're you hoping for for Christmas? (If you celebrate; I believe most of you guys do.) My wishlist is fairly generic, but I can still share it if you'd like. Let me know if that'd interest you! Oh, and wish me luck for midterm exams!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Maryellen's Holiday Cookies

Today I'm going to review Maryellen's Holiday Cookie Set. I purchased it about a month ago expecting it to sell out. (It did! It's backordered to March!) It was 38$. Let's see if it was worth it!

As soon as you open the box, you can see it's stuffed with items! :D

The first part of this set is a cute apron! Maryellen is proudly modeling it. It ties with a blue ribbon in the back.

This is the reason I got this set. The detail is gorgeous and the tiny reindeer and bunnies are adorable! It looks very traditional, and it seems to be decent quality. (Of course, AG usually is!)

This cute little cardboard box holds the cookie cutters.

There are 5 small red plastic cookie cutters. A christmas tree, a reindeer, a snowman, a star, and an ornament.

The tray is awesome! It is quite large, METAL, and very sturdy.

It has a sweet design that coordinates with the apron. Love! <3

Next up- cookies!! They come in the usual AG food baggies that say, "DO NOT EAT!" I can understand why; these look like real cookies!

There are 5 cookies, and they match the cookie cutters! These are adorable, realistic, and simply great.

They (somewhat) all fit on the tray. Lol.

So sweet with the little holiday milk glass. :)

Extra Pics!

Tip: Flipped over, the cookies look like dough!

Overall, great set from American Girl! I love it, and so does Maryellen! What do you think of this set? Please comment! Ba-Bye!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Is That An Elf?!

Something very exciting happened this morning. Here's the story.

     It was about noon and the first girl to awake today was entering the kitchen. Emily was up, dressed, and ready for breakfast. However, the thought of cereal vanished from her mind as soon as she saw...

     "Is that a... elf?" She stuttered, surprise clear in her peppy British accent.

     "Everyone, come see this!" She shouted. 

Sorry for the poor-quality. My iPhone camera
is not ideal.
     Soon the small room was filled to the brim with twelve girls, all struggling to see what the commotion was about.
     "It's an Elf On The Shelf!" Molly exclaimed with excitement.
     "It's blocking my spices!" Grace frowned.
     "Ooh! Wow!" Maryellen peeped.
     "Oh God, that thing is creepy." Gwen commented.
    It was a very big deal. Soon, Emily plucked the note nestled beside the elf and read aloud, 

"Dear Sunshine Family,

I'm a scout elf! I've come to observe your behavior and report back to my boss, Santa Claus! I'm very excited to be here. I'll watch you all day, and note all small acts of kindness, and polite manners, along with every push, shove and all naughty doings. Each night I'll magically fly back to the North Pole, and place my report! Then, I'll return here to your house, and move to a new scouting spot! I'll tend to pick a fun location, and it'll be a game for you to find me each morning! But first, two rules are a must.
1. You cannot touch me, or I will lose my magic.
2.You must name me, or else I won't have the believer's magic I need to get to the North Pole!
Follow my directions and this holiday season will be filled with joy. I can't wait!

Merry Christmas,
Your New Elf Friend"

          "Let's name him Buddy!" Maryellen declared.
          "No, Alladin!" Ruthie protested.
         "I like Candy Cane!" Callista said.

      In the end, it was decided that all the suggested names would be written on small scraps of paper, and mixed together in a pile. I blindly drew a name, and so, it was decided, The Sunshine Dollies' elf's name is Sammy!
     Doll-days are, as everyone knows, shorter than human ones. So, this Sunday, Sammy has gifted the girls with quite a few fun-filled mornings. Here they are!

Apparently, Sammy is a violinist!

Hanging out with Minnie Mouse...

That looks uncomfortable! 


Enjoying an indoor summer-day, complete with fruit kabobs, a beach chair, and a coconut drink.

Someone has borrowed Leah's snorkeling gear!

Peeking out of the violin case; I guess he really likes instruments!

"S.S Elf" Sammy is a sailor!

    As you can see, the Sunshine Dollies have had an extremely fun kick-off to the holiday season. I too am totally looking forward to Christmas! It's so much fun! We don't have our tree out yet, but I want it up and decorated ASAP! Have you guys started preparing for Christmas? Have you maybe even had an elf arrive to celebrate with you, as the dolls have? Please comment, answer my questions, and tell me what you thought of this post! It was so much fun to make! Thanks for visiting The Sunshine Dollies! See you later, ba-bye!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

At Home Doll Hospital ; Saige

Hello Sunshines! 
Today I'm going to show you how my doll Saige's hair went from...

This. >-<

To this! :D

So, you may be wondering...
Why yes, she was. Over a year ago, I took dear Saige to my dad's house. My dad has a german shepherd. That german shepherd loves chewing. One night, I came home to find this doll in the jaws of Gunner, the dog, stuffing spilling out. 
I have since admitted Saige to the AG doll hospital, where they replaced her torso. (Which had a gaping hole in it.) However, Saige's hair was still a big problem. Damaged by slobber and sharp teeth, it has been a MESS for quite a while now. 
Mess, no more!
Here's how I did it.

Saige and the supplies:
Dove conditioner (it's super gentle)
Water spray
Container with water

First, this was the big part. I mixed to Dove conditioner into the water, making a kind of gross-looking solution. Then, I dunked Saige's hair in it. I started with the tips, and scrubbed the hair thoroughly. I worked my way up to the top eventually, stopping before I reached her wig-cap. 

After letting her hair soak for 20 minutes or so, I took it out, and dried it with the towel. I laid Saige down with a AG hairstyling cape over her to keep the damp hair from damaging her cloth body.

Next, I cut her hair. *cue the gasps of terror* I didn't cut much, but the ends were rather unrepairable, so they had to go. 

Her hair is a tad uneven here, I later trimmed it better. I actually much prefer Saige with shorter hair.

I wrapped her hair up in curl-buns. You can find he full tutorial on this awesome curling technique HERE! It's really a miracle. It can tame and renew even the most ruined of curls. (Even though it looks weird.)

WOO HOO! Bouncy, silky, soft, strong curls!

Saige is thrilled to be beautiful again.

Look at the difference!!!
Bye-bye sunshines!

Do you like Saige's new look? I think this almost calls for a new name... ha ha! Do you guys have any ideas? I'm always open to name suggestions. Fun Fact: Maddie @ Dolls On My Mind named Astrid!