Sunday, October 25, 2015

Doll Halloween Costumes

Hey guys!
I think I'm fully back to blogging. I've been posting so little, and my dolls have been sitting in a corner, collecting dust. But-- I've realized how much I miss dolls, and blogging! So I'm back, and today I'm showing you my doll's Halloween costumes!! :)

I'm just now realizing that these photos are really blurry... Sorry about that! Anyway, Molly is dressed as a fairy, the dress and wings are from Build a Bear, and her candy bag is from her Halloween outfit. I think she looks really cute as a little yellow fairy!

Emily here is an ice princess! Her dress was made by a local doll clothing boutique, and her ice-skates  (Which I wish were shown!) are from Molly's ice-skating outfit.

Saige is up next! She is dressed as Princess Laya from Star Wars. (Sorry if I misspelled her name, I don't really know much about Star Wars.) I think this is cute, but I'm a little disappointed in how her hair turned out.

Kit is dressed up as a nerd. I love this costume! She is wearing Molly's glasses, Molly's meet sweater, some AG jeans that I have no clue what set they belong to. She is also holding a ribbon from the science fair set and has some plain converse-like sneakers on.

Ruthie is a ballerina! I love this costume as well! She's wearing Isabelle's tutu, Rosette Leotard, and Isabelle's pink tights. Her hair is in a high pony tail and I just think she looks adorable!

This is Isabelle, looking fabulous in her hula-girl costume. ;) She is wearing a grass skirt from Molly's Halloween outfit, a Hawaiian bracelet from the same outfit, and a swim top from an AG set that I forgot the name of, but you probably know what it's called. Cute isn't she?

Second-to-last is Grace as a equestrian, looking ready for her next horse show. This is all from an AG English rider set.

Finally this is Gwen, as er a-- Fail of me being clever. She is supposed to be a Black Widow spider. The red sweater is meant to symbolize the red markings on the spider's belly but umm... Well I tried on this one, ok? The mask and sweater are from Molly's Halloween Costume set, the shorts are from Grace's City Outfit, the jacket was in Isabelle's accessories, and her shoes are Molly's meet shoes. Do you think this is a hit or miss Halloween costume??

That was the last costume! I hope you enjoyed this post! Please comment and share what your favorite costume was! I just want to say thank you to all you wonderful readers and followers of my blog, you mean a lot to me. There would be no point of posting on here if no one read my posts! I have 33 followers at the moment and that's just... Wow. Thank you all so, so, much. Bye for now!

Monday, October 19, 2015


Hey guys!
Halloween approaches, and I have no clue what I'm going as!
(No, I am tooooootaaaalllly not too old to Trick Or Treat... Phh.)
Any ideas? What are you guys going as? I've looked online at costumes and I just don't know.... Bleh! Help please!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Defying The Laws Of Homework

Today is a great day.
I have defied the laws of homework.
In math we had the (rather easy, ;D) homework of writing 4 division word problems that used fractions or decimals. This is what I wrote.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Vacation Pics!

Here's some pictures I took yesterday! 

 This is the view off the hotel room balcony.
 Me on the boat.

We spent all yesterday on the water, fishing. Sadly we didn't catch anything. :/ oh well! I'm still having fun!


Friday, October 9, 2015

Chat With Me!

Chat With Me is here!
I suppose you already know what to do!
Comment away!
Ask me anything, tell me anything, I'll reply right away!
I'll be watching for comments and we can well, chat!!!
Have fun!

Discussion starter: Tell me something about you! It doesn't have to be amazing, just something interesting that you want to share!


I'm very happy right now. We're going for a weekend away, I can't say the exact place but it's in the U.S. and it's a beach. I'm hoping to get some nice photoshoots!
I wanted to bring Gwen but I'm not going to, because I left my doll brush and water spray at a friend's house a week ago, and I'm not going to risk messing her hair up...
However, I am bringing Kit! She was the perfect choice since her hair is super easy to fix without a brush!
Lastly, it's a 5 hour drive, so I might try and do a Chat With Me! I know though, that most people aren't out of school yet. (Me and my brother skipped school today, so we have time to drive.) Please comment on this post as you become available! Once I have a couple people I will start a Chat With Me!
Other than that... Thanks for reading this post! I guess I'll add... Hmm... Oh I got some new boots!

Since I'm on my phone (mobile blogger) the picture might show up in a weird place... That happens a lot. Sorry! They might look crazy colorful to some of you, but where I live there are worse boots than that. I refused to get any with rhinestones. Finally, to finish, don't forget about the Chat With Me!


Thursday, October 1, 2015


So umm...
It's been over a week since I posted on here.
My main excuse is school...
Homework, specifically. I've had NO free-time at all, for the past 2 weeks. And at the off chance I get some, I just want to sit down and do nothing.
Do any of you feel like school controls your life, even when you're at home? Any tips on how to handle this? How I can balance schoolwork and still have time to do other stuff?