Thursday, April 30, 2015

Emily Outdoors

Hi!! How are you? I'm good. Yes, I know, I stink at photoshoot titles. I finally did a photoshoot of Emily though! Here it is-

Wow, I didn't realize just how pretty Emily is! Her eyes, her beautiful light blue eyes... Just take a moment to take it in... Okay done. Now, I'm working on a Dollhouse Tour! I will also try and get Lands Of Lorvias Epidode 4 up soon. Anyway, which picture was your favorite? I can't decide on mine. I think I'll make one of these pictures Emily's new profile pic.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The surprise was...

A dog! Yep, you guys guessed right! I got Isabelle a new furry friend! Here she is to tell you about her- Isabelle writes in pink.

Hi Gals! I'm sups excited because Tenley got me a puppy! Yay! :) I named her Jazzy. She's super cute and I love her already.

There I am playing with Jazzy. She's so adorable and playful!

Here's some pictures of little Jazzy herself!

She's a pomeranian puppy.

Fierce Jazzy! XD

After I met Jazzy, we had a little celebration. Grace made her famous blueberry muffins, and Emily played her violin. I danced... (A lot!) Of course, that's me! Always dancing away. Saige actually said she'd help me teach Jazzy a little doggie-dance! (My dog can do that. ;) She gets on her hind legs and jumps around in a circle, we call it dancing.) Tenley snuck a picture of us, but we're so squished into  the room, you can't tell what's happening!

Like I said, you can't see a thing.

Thanks for reading guys! You are great guessers! Also, I have a few big post-ideas, and I would love it if you voted on which you want most! (I'll do the others too, I just want to know which ones you want most, and then I'll go in order from most-wanted to least-wanted.) Here are the options!

1. Dollhouse tour
2. What my dolls are wearing (May end up being a weekly/monthly thing)
3. Lands Of Lorvias episode 4

Please vote in the comments! Bye!


Monday, April 27, 2015

Kit's Day Out

Hi! Yesterday me and my mom went out for a little "Girl's Day". I got some cute new summer clothes and a surprise for the dolls that you'll see in a later post. Anywho, I brought Kit with me, (even though she protested saying shopping was boring)... And she's here to tell you about it! Kit will be typing in Green.

Hi guys! Kit here! Me and Tenley went out shopping yesterday, even though I despise shopping. I did have fun though, I admit that. Tenley took some photos of me while we were out, and she requested for me to share those. So... Here's my day!

Here I am on the way to the mall... (In the car). Wait no, the mall isn't in the car, I am. Sorry.

First, we went and got Tenley some summer clothes...BORING! She talked me into posing for a picture in front of some jewelry. BLEH! (Sorry, Kit is a tomboy, but she's smiling in this picture, isn't she?)

Then, at the end of the day, we went out to eat! I got some fruit. Mmm... grapes! 

Tenley got creme brûlée for dessert. (I don't know if I spelled that right)

And then we went home! :) I'm back! Thanks so much for reading. Also, I told you above that I got a surprise for the dolls, What do you think it is? I'll give you 3 hints...
1. The surprise is soft...
2. The surprise is small...
3. And the surprise can make noise!

I hope that's not too easy to guess! Have fun trying to figure it out! I think the dollies are going to looove the surprise! Thanks for reading!


Saturday, April 25, 2015

My Lovely New Header

Hi peeps! I finally got a new header! Wonderful Kathryn from Hobbits And Hippogriffs made it for me using my photos, on PicMonkey. That was very kind of you Kathryn! I am now using PicMonkey myself to attempt to create a signature. The header looks better on mobile devices, but it's nice on web-view too. Here it is, though you can see it on the top of the page anyway.

Yes, it cuts Saige out on web-view. Please let me know if there is a way to prevent this. I love my new header though, it was very, very nice of Kathryn to make it for me! You should definitely go check out her blog, she's great.

Also, I find myself repeating the words "awesome" and "amazing" in my posts a lot... To fix this for you dear readers, I have decided to come up with 20 words to use in place of amazing and awesome. You don't have to read through the whole list, though, I think fellow writers may find it useful. (Some of these only work in certain situations.)

  • Terrific
  • Great
  • Lovely
  • Beautiful
  • Astonishing
  • Perfect
  • Epic (I doubt I'll ever use this one)
  • Impressive
  • Incredible
  • Delightful
  • Wonderful
  • Fantastic
  • Fabulous
  • Breathtaking
  • Marvelous
  • Magical
  • Glorious
  • Glamorous
  • Nice
  • Excellent
:) That was actually kind of difficult! I thought it'd be easy. So, once again, Thanks so much Kathryn! Everyone else, let me know what you think of the new header! Have a nice night! (Or day, depending on where you live and when you end up reading this) ;)


Friday, April 24, 2015


Hi guys!
As most of you know, I am an avid reader. I love reading any book I can get my hands on, and then turning page after page until I'm done. I recently found a great website called Goodreads where you can keep track of what books you're reading, set a reading goal for the year, write book reviews, interact with other readers, and much more! I encourage any readers out there to go and join this site!  If you do, please let me know!

Here is the link to sign up:

Here is the link to my profile so that you can friend me!:

I recommend copying and pasting those into your search-bar-thingy if the link isn't working. Anyway, PLEASE get Goodreads! I need some book friends!


Which header?

Hi guys! As you may have noticed, I took the picture off my header. I need your opinion though, Does it look better with or without the photo. (Be honest) I will change it to whatever you guys like best. Thanks! Sorry for the short post.

Old photoshoot with Molly and a bit of Emily

Hi guys! Since you guys seemed to like the picture of Molly I recently posted, I decided to share the full photoshoot with you!

My favorite is the last one. What's your's? Let me know in the comments! And don't forget to vote on "Name That Doll"! I'll post the results May 1st. Thanks for reading! Bye!
P.S: Keep in mind that this is a very old photoshoot and I did not have very much experience in photography.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


I'm really sorry I didn't post today. :(
I have an old picture of Molly on my phone here though... Comment down below if you'd like to see the full photoshoot. :) I'll try and post soon! Bye!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Molly's Birthday...Any ideas?

Hi! Today is Molly's birthday, but... I forgot! I think we'll do a belated b-day party for her tomorrow. Any ideas for what I could do?? (Gift ideas, party themes, Foods etc...)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lands Of Lorvias: Episode 3

Hi! Today I bring you LANDS OF LORVIAS EPISODE THREE.... DUN DUN DUN! Sorry it's been so long. :)

Here are the links to the past episodes:
Episode 1
Episode 2

Here we go... Episode 3!

"So," I said to Orchid,"Explain why I'm in some weird place that looks like Narnia?"'

Orchid sighed, "Narnia?" My questioning look made her wave her hands, "Oh never mind!" "Let's start with a little backstory of Lorvias..."

"Many, many, MANY centuries ago, our ruler, Queen Harmony, was made into royalty. This is because she was the one who saved Lorvias from... the humans." "The humans?" I asked. "Yes, there used to be humans in Lorvias, before they were banished." "Banished?! For what?" "For theft of the Golden Lily of Lorvias." Orchid hushed me before I could ask what's so important about a flower. "This flower has great power, power to destroy a dimension within seconds." Orchid looked lost. "The fairy people have tried setting curses on it, curses that would take it's power away... But it lives on." "Wow..." I murmured. "The Lily was of course, retrieved after the humans were forced out, and remained under heavy guard. That is.... until recently." "What do you mean until recently?!" I asked, astonished. "This is where you come in." Orchid told me. "An unknown human has stolen the Lily, and is probably finding evil ways to use it as we speak. We have tried to get it back numerous times, but there's a  spell put on it by the Ancient Humans Of Lorvias, that prevents all magical beings from getting near it." Suddenly I knew what she was saying.

"You want me to steal some magical flower?!" I shrieked.

"Queen Harmony specifically requested you, yes."

Orchid pulled out a slender turquoise wand, and a silver mist began to swirl around it. "Time to start training." She said.

Thanks for reading guys! Sorry for the lack of pictures. How was episode 3? Let me know in the comments! Bye!


Monday, April 20, 2015

You're Too Sweet For Your Own Good Award

Hi! Nikki @ Nikki Malt's Blog recently nominated me for the award: You're Too Sweet For Your Own Good. I really don't deserve all these awards guys! They're fun to do though. :) So... here we go!
I was kind of reluctant to post this because the picture is... odd.

Thanks a lot Nikki! It was very sweet of YOU to nominate me! Ugh... Blogger is being weird... Sorry if this post turns out funny. Okay- here's her questions for me:
What is your favorite color?
PINK!!! Well, I do like minty-blues too. (Not the kind above... lighter)
What is your favorite song?Hmm... I like a lot of songs! But a few of my favorites are Bubbly, God Girl, Dear Future Husband, and Firework.Do you own a cell-phone?Strange question, but yes, I do. I have an iPhone 5c.What was the best day of your life?Woah! That's uh... I don't know. Deep? Lol. I'm so weird... ANYWAY, Uh... I have no clue. Possibly the day I got my dog? Or maybe my first trip to the AG store? What Ice-cream flavor do you like best?I loooooooove cookie-dough icecream, but I like plain vanilla too. ;)I nominate:
Izzy Sheptak
American Girl Place
Seven Dolls
Auttumn Raelin
A Doll's Life
Kathryn P.
AGD Time
Lydia Therese
Ginger Spice
American Girl Lover

Yes, That's a lot... But I just HAD to nominate all my followers! Thanks so much guys! I won't comment on their blogs since I know they'll get alerted of this post since they were super sweet and followed my blog. If I nominated you, here's your questions!
1. How/Why did you begin blogging?
2.What is your favorite mix+match doll outfit you own?
3. What types of posts do you like to look at best?
Thanks so much for reading guys! Until next time,

A Clear Day's Photoshoot + Shoutout to American Girl Lover

Hello my amazing readers! How ya doin'? I hope good. I'm pretty great myself, although I had standardized math testing today, (Where I live it's called S.T.A.A.R) I had a pretty good day. PLUS, testing week means... NO HOMEWORK! Yaaaaay! :) Anyway, Here's a photoshoot with Grace!

I actually kind of like this photoshoot! Grace is adorable in pigtails, am I right? I want to give a shoutout to American Girl Lover over at A Doll's Point Of View. She's a great new blogger and I was her first follower, which is terribly unfair since her blog has been up since 2013.  Please go check her blog out and maybe follow her! She really deserves it. Thanks for reading! Comment down below which picture you liked best!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Dolls Escape (a REALLY LONG photostory)

Hi!! Here's a quick photostory!

Emily and Kit were safe from pets in my dresser's drawer until...

"Creeeeeak..." The drawer slowly opened...

And out popped Kit! Soon followed by Emily...

The girls had a quick chat about how horrid I am for leaving them in a drawer before deciding they should go brush their hair. Then, after they brushed their hair, THIS happened...

"WOOOOHOOO! I'm riding a killer whale!"

"MineCraft! MineCraft!" "NOO! CREEPER!"

While the dolls were playing, they didn't notice me opening the door...

"AHH!" Kit whispered/screamed. "Tenley is coming!" And by the time I stepped into the room...

My dolls were right where I'd left them.

Silly story huh? I just randomly thought of it so I decided to do it. I think it turned out pretty good. Let me know what you think in the comments, Bye!