Monday, January 16, 2017

The Tragic Fall Of American Girl Doll

Hi guys!

From Mona Lisa to Stick Man

     I feel like AG's quality is falling like crazy! Have you noticed it too? Where we used to have real-wood, we have plastic. Where we used to have beautifully unique dolls with many diverse options, we have a surplus of dolls with minuscule changes. Where we used to have meaningful stories with wisdom packed on every page, we have bad ballerina movies. How did we go from-




Even the packaging quality has plummeted. See Tenney's box? It looks like any old doll you'd find in Target or Walmart.
Meanwhile, look how wonderful they used to be!

Garment bags for your doll's new clothes, and nice boxes that look like gifts. Once upon a time, American Girl cared about presentation and meaning. These were keepsake dolls, and now they're this...

Are you kidding me?!
And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I don't like DOC's; I do! Diversity is great, or should I say...

It was. 
Yes, we still have Addy, but Mattel's focus has long since moved from beauties such as her. Now it's on...




I guess that's what sells.
There's no thought. There's no love. There's no individuality. There's no quality.

And the stories, where did they go?
You saw Kit's frilly pink candy making set up there, right? She lived in the Great Depression; they didn't have shiny candy molds and satin bows. They didn't have fancy dresses! Plus, Kit hates pink. Every fan knows that, but I suppose Mattel does not. Did they even bother to read the books when they bought this company from Pleasant Co.?

I doubt it.

And I'm sorry if I'm ranting, but really, this isn't right. I care about AG! I don't want this to happen! We're paying more for less, and it's not right.

Please, comment what you think of all this. Am I overreacting? I want to know you guys' opinions. Ooh, and what do you think of my little slide ? Notice how the title goes from red to pink...

Thank you for coming by!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

What's Up - January

I guess I owe you some updates since there's been months between posts. 
     So, school's been hectic. I have projects every week, homework every night, and on top of that, I'm preparing for a UIL (google it) meet next Saturday. I've got speeches to memorize, papers to write, debates to finalize, and it's very overwhelming. 


   I've had little time for riding, which is awful. I haven't seen Tuesday, (my horse) in 4 months. It's insane! I miss her, but I suppose school comes first.
     I have practiced my writing a ton. I'm competing with it, wowing my English teacher, and working towards really big things. It's going well, and I am adoring it. 
     I'm learning French! I'm using a program called Duolingo, and am currently 31% fluent! Je progresse bien! I'm loving the new skill, and it's fun to impress people with! I got to go to New Orleans in November, and then I got to utilize it! Of course, I have improved a lot since then.
     Two weeks ago, my grandpa passed away. It was very sad and unexpected. However, this was not the first death of someone close to me, so I guess I'm getting better with dealing with grief. You live and you learn. 
     In the realm of dolls, it's been on hold, but not completely at a stop. I have been stalking Amazon and eBay for Cecile, but so far, I haven't been very lucky. I'm looking for a decent-conditioned Cecile that's under $250. If you see anything, let me know!
     I guess that's all I have to say. I'm trying to post as much as I can. Sorry if this post was kind of negative, but I figured I needed to update you guys. Thanks to the people who still read this; it means the world to me. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

A Doll Film Critic

Hey sunshine-ians, sunshine-ites, or whatever Tenley calls you!
Oh, that's not a thing? Whoops.
Hey guys!
This is Loralie here, your friendly neighborhood doll film critic, and today I will be reviewing...
Image courtesy of 

Rogue One, A Star Wars Story!

I am here with my good friend R2. We're going to give you our honest toy-sponsored review.

I'm going to begin by telling you that I loved Rogue One. It was well-done, and much better than The Force Awakens.

Beep. Boop. Beep beep, boop.
Translation: That's because I was in it, and not that copycat BB8!

Yes, yes. I'll get to that later.

That was great. However, there was one thing I disliked about the movie. The characters just weren't all that great. Gyn, the lead, was not very developed and she didn't even do anything. She was only important to the rebellion because of her father, and was certainly not as awesome as Anakin or Luke!

Plot-wise, Rogue One was A-MAAAAAZ-ING! I mean, The Death Star has so much more meaning now! It changes the original trilogy, and gives it much more depth!

Hold on. This isn't working. I'm too low on the ground. *scrambles up R2*

There. Much better. Now, where was I...

I adored the appearances of old favorite characters. Seeing R2D2, C3P0, Leia, Governor Tarkin, and Darth made me so happy. Disney really gave the Star Wars fans what they craved, which is nostalgia. 

To conclude, 
*scrambles down R2D2's head*
Rogue One did not disappoint. 

And it was, as I mentioned, much, much, much better than The Force Awakens. I mean, you can't even compare the two! Rogue One was soooooo much better. The Force Awakens was just awful, and I-




Beep Boop.

Translation: I'm getting out of here! 

If you are reading this, thank you. Really, thank you.