Sunday, December 11, 2016

Girl Of The Year 2017

Really, AG?!
The GOTY 2017 has been leaked, and I am not impressed.

This is Gabriela Mcbride.

Physical Appearance
Gabriela is #46. Are you kidding me?! This is ridiculous. There is absolutely no difference between #46 and Gabriela, and it seems AG was well aware of this, for they retired #46 earlier this year. She has dark skin, the classic face mold, curly brown hair, and brown eyes. No difference whatsoever! I'm really aggravated by this. They can't discontinue a doll, put her in a new outfit, and call it a new item. Not cool, AG. Not cool.

Meet Outfit
Gabriela comes in some jeggings, purple and teal sneakers, and a purple crop tee layered with a teal tank-top; her hair is thrown up in a pink headband. I do not like this get-up. The sneakers have already been out before, simply pink instead of purple. Those jeggings have come with loads of outfits. The shirt appears to be poorly-made, something AG would once hand out for free at a GOTY's release. Evidently, those days are over.

Gabriela is a dancer. Another. Dancer. Why can't we have a doll who's a basketball star, a doll who writes, or maybe a doll who doesn't know what her talent is? Or, shocker, a GOTY whose life doesn't revolve around a common hobby. Maybe a doll dealing with loss, divorce, or poverty! The real girls of America deal with more than twirls and pirouettes. Honestly, this whole doll is just a repeat of different dolls and items. She stutters, which is nice, (finally some disability representation) but they seem to be focusing more on her dance-life. AG is missing out on a great story!

Overall, if you can't tell, I do not like Gabriela. However, this is my opinion, and it's ok if you love her! I simply do not. Let me know in a comment: Do you agree or disagree with my points? What do YOU think of the Girl Of The Year 2017?


  1. I agree. I am a dancer myself, but I agree it's overkill. -_- Gabriella and Isabelle's are essentially the same collection, give or take a few changes and new color scheme. I am excited to see what Tenney Grant and the rumored Logan doll will be like. What do you think of AG possibly having a boy doll??

    1. Yeah, dance is great! Don't get me wrong, I wish I could do it! This is just too many dancer-dolls in one line.
      I think the idea of a boy doll could go two ways: Awesome, or awful. If they market it as a doll for boys? Great! A brother for your dolls? Wonderful! However, if they present it as a "boyfriend doll" it could ruin American Girl.

  2. This is a dance doll?
    Honestly, I hate AG's representation of dance. As a dancer myself, I can testify that dance is not easy, and you don't just slap on a tutu and a pink leotard and be a dancer (I've never worn a tutu in my have to earn it, and it's for particular roles.) Not only is dance physically challenging, it's mentally challenging...but I suppose that's too intense for AG.
    The historical AG dolls are kinda nice when it comes to not revolving around a hobby. Julie deals with divorce, Kit with poverty, and several (Kirsten comes to mind right now) deal with loss. I've teared up a lot with those books. Not so much with the GOTYs.

    1. I agree. I think dance is awesome; it's a great artistic expression and I admire those who are talented at it. However, AG is overdoing the tutus and hip-hop. It's getting annoying.
      The varied conflicts of the historicals do help the hobby-issue, but I think every line should show complex storylines, not just Beforever. I believe that it's wrong to represent dolls of the past as warriors and heroes while the girls of today are illustrated as one-sided and privileged.


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