Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Mystery Of The Year - GOTY 2017!

     You know what's super strange? We know practically nothing about the GOTY 2017! By this time last year, we had photos of Lea's mini doll, her name, and several outfits and accessories! AG seems to have lots of secrets right now! The few things I have heard are just rumors with little to no proof.
     So, today I'd like to do something GOTY themed!I'm going to be doing the Girl Of The Year 2017 tag. I got tagged by a couple people, and they're several versions of this tag, but they're all pretty similar. I picked the one from Happy House Of AG to do. :)

What should her name be?
Something cool... like Raven or Astrid. Maybe a more unique name; instead of "Mckenna", "Isabelle", "Grace", let's get a "Amethyst", "Ornina", or "Serenity". Or Tenley!

How old is she?
13-14. They have had way too many 9 year olds. They make me feel bad for being older and liking dolls! they need to better represent their audience, and get a older doll! At least 12!

What are her hobbies?
Just some ideas: Writing, scrapbooking, karate, crocheting, crafting, swimming, dragon slaying,  NO MORE BALLERINAS/DANCERS! (dance is great, but not every single year.)

Where does she live?
Alaska would be interesting!

Does she have any siblings?
I think it'd be cool if the GOTY's mom was expecting a baby!

Nope. No friends. Let's make GOTY 2017 a total introvert! Ha, just kidding. She can have friends, but only a few really really good ones.

A bearded dragon, or a huge aquarium! Maybe a bird? GOATS! So many possibilities!

What school does she go to?
Doesn't matter.

I think the GOTY 2017 should have a very distinct style that doesn't change throughout her collection. Not super girly though, Isabelle took that. Either a super-trendy style, or a boho-chic! Maybe emo-ish? Idk, just something interesting! My favorite idea is boho. She could have...
Meet outfit: Flower crown, flowy white blouse, creme leggings, fringe sandals,
Fancy outfit: Creme maxi-dress with a swoop back, brown leather sandals, brown braided belt, another flower crown,
PJ's: Some 70's themed, flowery matching tank and pants.
Casual outfit: short overalls with small rips, short brown ankle-boots, loose white crop-top under overalls, ANOTHER flowercrown,
Ooh and some cool earrings. Like, cuffs or something?


  • A pixie cut would be so so awesome! I love long hair... but she'd be cute!
  • A new hazel or blue color eye.
  • A new, more spread out freckle pattern
  • What face mold do you think?
  • I guess light skin tone since I really would like freckles, but IDK, because I want a DOC too!
So, that was fun! Do you like my ideas for the GOTY 2017 or no? Do you think this idea will ever be realistic for AG? Share your opinion in a comment!


  1. if she has some emo-ish stuff i would buy that in a snap lol. i get called emo so... xD
    (p.s. do you still have instagram? if so what's your name on there? i got one yesterday so i want to follow more people {i'm @trashy_potato_banana btw})

    1. Yeah, it would be really cool.
      And no, sorry. :( Well, I do, but it's private. Hope you understand.

  2. Ooh, I love your ideas!!!

  3. Three cheers for a unique GOTY! XD I like your ideas

    1. Thanks Gracie! I've never noticed you comment here before. Are you new?

    2. Oops! Sorry I took a while! Yes, I think that was the first time I commented here; I had stumbled upon your blog somehow (I tend to do that A LOT. I probably saw your button :-) ) I have a relatively new blog (started this past summer), .
      I actually did this tag a while ago, it's nice to see it's still going. I think it's a really fun one!
      ~Gracie :-)
      P.S. Kara at put you as blog of the week! :-)

    3. Cool! Welcome to The Sunshine Dollies! I'll go check out your blog. :)
      Oh! I don't even know who that is. Whoops! I'll go take a peek at that too!

  4. love love love the idea of a freckle face with a pixie cut, i think that'd be super cute. i agree with the age thing, too! like i get 9 year olds are the target audience but let's be real here, the older ag fanbase is what's giving ag the most money so why not appeal to them a bit more? and i LOVE your wardrobe ideas, in fact it has inspired me to perhaps include some boho style items the next time i sit down and design some new patterns. (:

    1. Saaaame! I think the age thing shouldn't be all older, but there should be a wider range. Eeh! Sounds awesome, I love the boho-look! .


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