Tuesday, March 14, 2017

She Who Arranges Rocks

     I received a Kaya mini-doll for Christmas, thus inspiring my very first mini-shoot! It was fun. I'm definitely still learning the ropes of this fancy new camera, but boy is it exciting! I feel quite professional. ;) On to the photos!

      Mini-shoots are easy to do. It's much less time-consuming than the work that goes into a full-on photoshoot. Then again, I don't enjoy the result quite as much. I think they look less realistic, and the fact that this is a doll is sort of in-your-face. I think this type of shoot is much more entertaining for the photographer than the viewer, as I got to try out different settings on my camera to fit the smaller focus. Nonetheless, I hope you like these pictures anyhow. Let me know which one is your favorite!


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