Friday, October 9, 2015

Chat With Me!

Chat With Me is here!
I suppose you already know what to do!
Comment away!
Ask me anything, tell me anything, I'll reply right away!
I'll be watching for comments and we can well, chat!!!
Have fun!

Discussion starter: Tell me something about you! It doesn't have to be amazing, just something interesting that you want to share!


  1. Last night I was jumping on my trampoline listening to the Foo Fighters and I saw a shooting star!

  2. About me: I have a really tiny toe. I think it's missing a few bones. I named it Nubbin.
    Also: I love Earl gray tea.

    1. I have strangely, never seen a shooting star!
      That's funny. XD
      Jasmine tea is my favorite, and green tea is nice iced. I love my Texas sweet tea too!

  3. Notice: We're going through an area with a bad signal so if I'm taking a while to respond, that's why. My phone is loading veeeeeeeeeerrrrrryyyyyyy slowly.

  4. Replies
    1. Hey Clara!
      I'm pretty good, though bored. What about you?

    2. I'm great! Finishing up some school (I am homeschooled). Also recently discovered the world of Disney Animators dolls and am drooling over pictures of them. ;D

    3. I wish I was homeschooled.
      Disney Animator dolls are cute! I want one.

    4. Yeah, it is pretty awesome being homeschooled. Though I am sure there are pros and cons either way. I found my one DA doll (Belle) at a thrift store for $2.00! Her name is Ginny.

  5. Sup.
    So, last night i was listening to this rock band called Green Day and I was dancing around my room in my underwear to them when my brother came in my room and found me doing that.
    I think it's revenge for me accidentally opening the bathroom door on him while he was taking a shower.
    You listening to music now?

    1. Ha ha ha.
      That's funny. Though it was probably humiliating.
      No, though the radio is on I'm not really listening to it.

    2. GREEN DAY! OH BOY! What's your favorite song, Kelsi, love?
      I'm learning to play ¡viva la Gloria! On the piano. It's going very slowly.

    3. Hmm.... I'm not sure. My top 3 faves are Welcome to Paradise, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and American Idiot.

  6. Wanna hear a lame Star Treck joke?
    How many ears does Captain Kirk have?
    3. A left ear, a right ear, and a final front ear.
    Space- the final frontier- these are the voyages of the starship enterprise...

  7. I just got back from somewhere-anyone still on?

  8. Replies
    1. Wull hullo then! Um...something about me.
      I have a passion for tacos.

    2. I like breakfast tacos. Potato and egg. Mmmmmm

  9. I wish I could do this! But I'm going to the grocery store.:-(

  10. i have arrived...*cough* hours late *cough*

    about me: i'm easily annoyed hehe. also i currently have a blue streak in my hair!

    question: how are you on this fine day...night..whatever. friday. enjoying vacation so far?

    1. He he. I'm still here!
      I welcome you, O' Queen Of Awesomeness! (Yup.)
      That's awesome! I think I'm pretty calm, uuuussssssuuuually. Certain things do annoy me though.
      It's night here. Almost 11PM but whatever. We can pretend it's a fine sunny day. I'm pretty good, just relaxing and sitting in bed. Our hotel is pretty cool, and has a nice view of the beach. You can hear the waves and I love that. How are you?

    2. haha yeah when i wrote that it was like 12:30 am. i'm glad to hear it's relaxing!
      i'm good. tired, but good. :)

    3. Thanks! It's a nice break from the stress of school.
      That's good. ^-^


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