Saturday, January 14, 2017

What's Up - January

I guess I owe you some updates since there's been months between posts. 
     So, school's been hectic. I have projects every week, homework every night, and on top of that, I'm preparing for a UIL (google it) meet next Saturday. I've got speeches to memorize, papers to write, debates to finalize, and it's very overwhelming. 


   I've had little time for riding, which is awful. I haven't seen Tuesday, (my horse) in 4 months. It's insane! I miss her, but I suppose school comes first.
     I have practiced my writing a ton. I'm competing with it, wowing my English teacher, and working towards really big things. It's going well, and I am adoring it. 
     I'm learning French! I'm using a program called Duolingo, and am currently 31% fluent! Je progresse bien! I'm loving the new skill, and it's fun to impress people with! I got to go to New Orleans in November, and then I got to utilize it! Of course, I have improved a lot since then.
     Two weeks ago, my grandpa passed away. It was very sad and unexpected. However, this was not the first death of someone close to me, so I guess I'm getting better with dealing with grief. You live and you learn. 
     In the realm of dolls, it's been on hold, but not completely at a stop. I have been stalking Amazon and eBay for Cecile, but so far, I haven't been very lucky. I'm looking for a decent-conditioned Cecile that's under $250. If you see anything, let me know!
     I guess that's all I have to say. I'm trying to post as much as I can. Sorry if this post was kind of negative, but I figured I needed to update you guys. Thanks to the people who still read this; it means the world to me. 


  1. We miss you Tenley! Everyone understands the struggles of life! I was just going through something like this, but I'm still trying to post! :D I can't wait to see more from you!
    ~ Light4theLord

    1. Of course! We're a community of doll bloggers -EVERYONE cares! I'm really glad you aren't quitting!

  2. I totally understand not being able to post; life gets hectic. Congrats on learning French!! French is a cool language. Good luck finding a Cecile!! <3

  3. That's so sad. :( Sorry about your grandpa. I also know that feeling about being away from your horse. I miss Buddy like crazy.
    - Kaitlynrh1

    1. Don't be sorry; he's with God now. [^: Yeah, missing your horse is miserable.

  4. Sorry to hear about your grandpa, Tenley. I just prayed for you.


    1. Oh, thank you Morgan. You're a wonderful person. <3

  5. Hey, Tenley, I saw this post and then remembered this Cecile I saw on Ebay:

    I'm sorry about your grandpa. <3

    -Clara <3


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