Monday, January 16, 2017

The Tragic Fall Of American Girl Doll

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From Mona Lisa to Stick Man

     I feel like AG's quality is falling like crazy! Have you noticed it too? Where we used to have real-wood, we have plastic. Where we used to have beautifully unique dolls with many diverse options, we have a surplus of dolls with minuscule changes. Where we used to have meaningful stories with wisdom packed on every page, we have bad ballerina movies. How did we go from-




Even the packaging quality has plummeted. See Tenney's box? It looks like any old doll you'd find in Target or Walmart.
Meanwhile, look how wonderful they used to be!

Garment bags for your doll's new clothes, and nice boxes that look like gifts. Once upon a time, American Girl cared about presentation and meaning. These were keepsake dolls, and now they're this...

Are you kidding me?!
And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I don't like DOC's; I do! Diversity is great, or should I say...

It was. 
Yes, we still have Addy, but Mattel's focus has long since moved from beauties such as her. Now it's on...




I guess that's what sells.
There's no thought. There's no love. There's no individuality. There's no quality.

And the stories, where did they go?
You saw Kit's frilly pink candy making set up there, right? She lived in the Great Depression; they didn't have shiny candy molds and satin bows. They didn't have fancy dresses! Plus, Kit hates pink. Every fan knows that, but I suppose Mattel does not. Did they even bother to read the books when they bought this company from Pleasant Co.?

I doubt it.

And I'm sorry if I'm ranting, but really, this isn't right. I care about AG! I don't want this to happen! We're paying more for less, and it's not right.

Please, comment what you think of all this. Am I overreacting? I want to know you guys' opinions. Ooh, and what do you think of my little slide ? Notice how the title goes from red to pink...

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  1. You are SO right! I totally agree with you. I miss the packaging.. the old boxes were so great for making beds, storing clothes, EVERYTHING! I'm afraid they're going to plummet and turn into OG or MLA. It'll be a very, very sad day. If AG thinks they're saving money on packaging, they're losing customers because of it. I sure don't think they're going to get MORE people buying it because they look like cheap brands... they'll probably get LESS...
    ~ Light4theLord

  2. I agree! I actually am trying to buy more used Pleasant Company stuff because the quality is so much better, and you can get a lovely Samantha outfit from the 90's for about the same price as that horrible shorts-satin-heart-drapey-leggings-over-shorts-thing they have going on there. o.o

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. That's really clever. They are really just better versions of current sets! Accept, perhaps, the old modern clothing. It's certainly not modern anymore!

  3. While I am excited to see what's to come from Tenney (Especially Logan) I wholeheartedly agree. The quality has declined. Have you seen the newest mix and match set?? It looks as if a 6 year old designed it!! (No offense to 6 year olds..) I miss the old set, at least it looked cool. Mattel has taken a beautiful, well made, diverse doll company and turned it into large Barbies. Some people are complaining about Gabriela not having a movie, and to be honest, I'm glad. The GOTY movies are so cliche and childish anymore. ;-; I don't think my collection of AG dolls is going to get a whole lot bigger. I wouod still prefer to buy AG dolls new from the company, but clothes/accessories wise, in going to hunt around for older outfits and such from eBay. Okay, sorry for the rant, I needed to get that out. XD

    1. They are most certainly headed towards Barbie-territory.

  4. Watching AG's quality plummet makes me sad... they're turning into an ordinary doll brand. I do love the first picture though, it's so funny xD

  5. Tenley, I totally agree! I think once Molly was retired, the quality kind of took it's toll. :/ I HATE Tenney, her meet outfit looks SUPER cheap, as the packaging. Very disappointed, but great post!

    1. Agreed. Molly was my first doll, so I've definitely noticed that. Tenley looks absolutely awful.

  6. I totally agree! I have only been into AG for about three years, and it has changed so much since then! AG is staring to look a lot like Our Generation now. :(

  7. You are totally right! And you didn't even mention my biggest beef. Samantha's new meet dress!!! She would not wear pink frilly things! She liked to climb trees! I miss Pleasant Company. :(

  8. I know actually what you mean!! It just looks like AG has stopped trying. It almost seems like they know that they can drop their quality and still get the same price for it :( I hope that they pick it up again! I miss the old AG!

  9. I nominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award!
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  10. I (finally) answered your comment on my blog post in January. Sorry for the wait/

  11. All the changes make me happy that I have my older AG and Pleasant Co. dolls, kinda sad.

  12. Agree.
    I just recently became a doll collector. I read Addy books, Kit books, Kirstin books and Melody and all 3 Tenney books. I have to mention that I am 41 and reading books Addy and Kit was interesting even for a grownup. Melody and Tenney books are very childish. I do realize they are written for young girls, not grown women.
    After reading Addy and Kit books I wanted to buy Addy and Kit dolls. I looked on Ebay and very old dolls are more expensive than new ones and the old ones look "faded" compare to new ones.
    What I did was buy new dolls and buy old outfits on Ebay. My new Addy is amazing and doesn't look anemic/faded, but I immediately dressed her in her old original pink dress that is described in the book. I also bought on Ebay old versions of 6 book sets for Addy and Kit because they have illustrations and have historical parts at the end of each book, which is all gone in new books. I did buy Melody because I wanted civil rights doll and her story is good, just not at the level of writing that Addy and Kit books were written.
    I will buy new Kit doll, but not her outfits. Kit's outfits now are very bright and fancy and Kit lived during depression era. I guess AG is making Addy and Kit fancier because kids don't want now days poor looking dolls in rags, but as an adult collector I want authenticity in my dolls and they have to look like knewly freed Addy and poor Kit.


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