Monday, March 23, 2015

Q&A And "Who Wears It Best?" Results

Hi guys! Sorry this is late! I've been really busy. Homework, riding lessons, school... But anyway, Here's the results of Who Wears It Best! The winner was... drrrruuuummmroooollll pleeeease.....

GRACE JULIETT THOMAS!!!! She won by 1 vote! Sorry Izzy, I would've voted for you to be honest. Now, here's the Q&A! (My Answers are in pink, the questions are in blue)

The following questions are from Christian Homeschooler.

Who is your favorite historical doll?
Kit. I love her collection and her movie is really cute. She's just so darling!

Who is your favorite GOTY doll?
KANANI!!!!! I regret not buying her soooooo much. If I had 1 wish, I'd wish for Kanani! Or maybe world peace would be better... ;P

Do you watch AG videos on YouTube? What are your favorite channels? 
Yes! All the time! I have tons of favorites, but here are a few: WackyWaffles, AGSmiless, Basilmentos, Agoverseasfan, MixiePixie7, and AGPals.

The rest of the questions are from Morgan P.
What other kinds of dolls do you like?
Well... AG definitely outshines all other doll brands in my opinion, but I do admire Maru and friends, Adora (I have an Adora doll), and Hearts for Hearts dolls.

How did you find out about AG? 
Well, I was 6 years old and we were visiting my stepbrother in Dallas. My mom had heard of AG and decided to take me to a store for a little lunch at the cafe`. When we got there I was instantly in love. My mom wanted me to get Kit, but I loved Molly. I remember how excited I was when I got to get her hair done at the salon, and pick out some accessories for her. (I picked her pajamas, christmas dress, and lunch set.)

Is there a retired doll you wish you got?
Kanani!!!!!! (See second question)

So that's it! I hope to post a photostory soon... working on it! My neighbor, Meg is moving to Tokyo tomorrow and I'm really upset about that. D: But I'm sure she'll love it there so... Until next time,




  1. Fun answers! I love Kanani too!:D

  2. Hey, more Q&A!

    1.) If you could host a blog meetup at an AG store, which would you travel to? D.C. or Cincinnati?
    2.) If you were to title a new book, what would you name it?
    3.) If you were to customize the 2016 GOTY doll, what would she look like and what would her name be?

    1. Hmm... Cincinnati, since I'm closer to it, but if I ever hold a meet up it would probably be in Dallas, since I live in Texas. (The Dallas store is also better than the Houston one.) If I titled a book, I'd have to base it on what the book was about! She would have brown hair, suttle blonde highlights, freckles, and green eyes. (My look-alike) She would love riding horses and love to read. Her story would be about getting through her constantly fighting mom and stepdad. Basically, she would be like me.


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