Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What is going on?! (A contest)

Hi! So I am posting this ahead of time  because I know tomorrow I will be busy. (I have riding lessons and will most likely get homework) But anyway, I am doing a caption that picture! I am just calling mine "What Is Going On?!". I got this idea from several other lovely doll blogs, including Happy House Of AG, AG Fan, and Amazingly Adollable. Basically, if you've never heard of this, I post a picture and you tell me what you think is going on, and what the dolls are saying! I will post the results on March 31st. (2 weeks from now). I will post results for my Q&A and Who wears it best this Saturday. So hurry to get your votes, questions, and captions in! Here's the picture!

It's a little blurry... Like I said before, my dollhouse has been moved to the garage and the lighting is a little funny in there. I'm really sorry. Anyway, have fun captioning this! :P It's a pretty crazy scene. Until next time,


  1. Emily: Help!!! I am falling!!!
    Samantha: I will save you!!!! Yes!!! Finally I can put my ninja moves to good use!
    Emily: Just help me already!

  2. Ha ha ha... I love yours but it's actually Molly, not Samantha. That's ok, if you win I'll just correct that for you.

  3. Oops! Sorry about that and say sorry to Molly fot me.

    1. I did! It was kind of funny. Me and my neighbor, Meg, were sitting behind my dollhouse and I looked at my phone, saw your comment, and just turned to the dolls and said, "Nikki says she is sorry." Meg was like, "WHAAA? Who's Nikki?" ;D

  4. That is SO cute!!!! :) :) :) Here is what I thought of:
    Molly: Em? What are you doing?
    Emily: (yawns) sleeping, why?
    Molly: uh....... Nothing..... Just.... Do you always sleep like that?
    Emily: Do you always stand on your bed while wearing a book on your head?
    Molly: .....

  5. AmericanGirlDolls4Ever~"GIRLS, TIME FOR BED!"
    Dolls~"Okay. In five minuteS."

    .... A half hour later.

    *loud music*




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