Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Life In The Saddle

While I'm not super active on this blog, I am going to be posting quite a bit on another blog! Go to my horse blog, Life In The Saddle! I'll likely be posting there at least every other day. Right now I only have 4 followers on that blog, but I'm hoping some of you will go add yourselves to the four! It just got an awesome design by Kathryn at In The Depths Of Dreams. (She also did The Sunshine Dollies and Wild Among The Flowers.) She did a wonderful job, much better than I could ever do! So, go to Life In The Saddle to see more posts from me, and to check out the great design Kathryn did!


Oh and here's a link: Click Here


  1. I will definitely check your blog out! I love riding horses! How many do you have? I have 2! One Is white and one is brown. They are so pretty.
    P.S.....will you enter a giveaway on my blog. Don't worry, it isn't a giveaway that you have to give me your address, just your email. :) Thanks!

    1. 1, a chestnut mare. :)
      I'll go check it out!

    2. Cool!


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