Friday, November 27, 2015

What's Up? - November

So, I've come up with a new post I'll be doing called "What's Up?".  This will pretty much be a summary of anything interesting or significant that has happened throughout the month. I'll be doing this one in no specific order, just stuff that happened that pops into my head. I'll probably stick Kathryn's "A Tea and a Read" in here somewhere too.

First random thing that happened, I fainted. I was getting a bunch of vaccinations, 4, and apparently one of them had a side affect of "light-headedness". I was fine at first, but then on the way out of the doctor's office, I started to feel dizzy. I sort of mumbled, "I feel funny." and next thing I know I'm laying on the floor with a pack of nurses staring down at me. That incident has earned me the nickname, "Fainting Goat" from my older brother.

I got detention. I didn't do anything horribly bad, I was just late to my science class. That landed me in a room with a bunch of really creepy 8th grade kids. I'm not even joking, they were horrid. You wouldn't even believe how awful those kids were. Once, a janitor walked by, and someone crumpled up a sheet of paper and THREW IT AT HIM. And then, like 5 minutes before the end, another guy got up and said, "This is stupid, I'm done." and he just walked out, while the teacher screamed at him to sit back down. I didn't even realize people like that even went to my school! That was the most miserable hour of my life.

Earlier this week, my cousin Olivia flew in for a visit. We're really good friends, (We call each other "Frousins".) and so I was really happy to have her around. Here's a link to her DeviantArt account: Click Here

This was just yesterday, me and Olivia found a lizard on the window in her grandma's house. We caught him and kept him for the day. It was so cool! He was actually REALLY CALM! He walked around with him on our shoulders and when we couldn't hold him we kept him in a little terrarium thing. We named him Raptor, because his head reminded me of a velociraptor's. We think he was a "Green Anole" because he could change from brown to green.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving! Woo hoo! I spent the day with Olivia at her grandma's. We ate turkey and potatoes and pumpkin pie and green beans and cookies and... well, just a ton of food. It was pretty fun!!!

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, fa la la la la, la la, la, la.
Ok, so Christmas didn't pass yet, but it's just around the corner! I'm looking forward to the music, the lights, family, a break from school, decorating, our Elf On The Shelf "Macy", and once again, FOOD! Ha ha! ;) Who else is excited for the best holiday ever! Of course, that is, if you celebrate Christmas.

A Tea and a Read
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Thanks for reading till the end! Please comment what you've been up to!


  1. That's too bad that you got detention....I hate it when you get punished for no reason whatsoever! Are you wishing for another doll for Christmas? :)

  2. I'm not sure yet! I'm thinking about MaryEllen, but I have 8 dolls already, and honestly, I think that's enough for me.

    1. 8 dolls is a lot, but there are some people who have 52....compared to that, 8 is nothing! Maryellen is cute...:)

  3. Wow, you fainted? Wow. XD
    I can't wait for Christmas! What do you want?

    1. Lol, yup.
      I don't know yet!!! I'm still thinking!

  4. Fainting is weird. When I fall over (like fall off a skateboard or land on my but and get the wind knocked out if me) I can see nothing but gray and my ears ring something awful and my brain feels like it left my skull. Despite these things, which get the people around me very worried, i have never actually lost consciousness.
    I don't know why this is. And neither does my doctor, for certain. (And it's not a concussion, either. I've never hit my head.)
    But, since I am the goat overlord of the universe, I am pleased to offer you the position of Cheif Goat (my friend John is the pope for me, goat overlord of the universe.) I am slowly expanding my goat empire and I am glad you are a part of it. Because wether you accept the offer or not, you are part of my empire. <3
    Those 8th graders suck. : ( and they get no better in high school! There's a kid in my English class who screams at the teacher.

  5. It is weird. It's like taking a very short, unexpected nap.
    I accept the position of Chief Goat! I like your goat empire.
    Bleh, I am not looking forward to highschool. Oh well, I still have 2 and a half years to go.

  6. Oh my gosh! I'm glad you are okay. I had to get some vacines where they made me sit in the waiting room since "these might make you faint." Really comforting.
    I love that Bilbo gif.

    1. I know, right?! The nurse didn't even tell me it was a possibly until AFTER I got the shots. Oh well, I got my revenge. When I fell, I knocked everything off the nurse's desk. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Lol. That just made it even more confusing when I "woke up" on a pile on pens and pencils.


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