Friday, February 26, 2016


I'm bored.
Very bored.
So.... I feel like rambling. Wanna hear me ramble? K.
Let's see, what's the first thing that shall pop into my weird head?
I hate people. And school. And the way people work. WHY does everything have to be "awkward" and "weird". Multiple examples of this:
1. If I talk to a guy, suddenly people assume I have a crush on him. What the heck?! Why am I not allowed to have a normal conversation with the opposite gender?
2. Ok, this one is sorta weird, but if my bra strap is baaarrrrreeeelllly showing, people freaak out and are like "OMG TENLEY!!!" Calm down people. It's ok to calmly point it out to me, but you don't need to freak out. I am a female human being. Glad we've established that.
3. People are so dramatic!!! You got a B on a test? Time to weep in the middle of math class. Your friend decided to sit somewhere else at lunch today? Time to sink into a depression and cry because you're going to die alone. :[
Yes I'm ranting.
Let's move on to something more positive! Uh... I'm working on the next page of MS. I'm having trouble developing the story without moving too fast. Any tips?
Is there a difference between fairies and faeries? Is it just an alternate spelling? What's going on there?
I guess that's all for now. I just needed to get some thoughts down. Bye!


  1. THE ONE ABOUT TALKING TO GUYS YES YES YES. i've always gotten along better with guys, no one ever cared about who i hung out with until middle school when all of the sudden i "liked" about ten different guys just because i got along with them. like no??? that's not how life works??? now granted i did like one of my guy friends but one is different than every guy i talk to.

    okay i'll admit i'm the type that's overdramatic when it comes to my grades. i'm so used to a's in everything that i get upset over my 90 (a b+) in my bio class.

    alright i'll stop here because i'm annoying but I hope you have a great weekend, tenley! :]

  2. Ha ha, yes! Nah, you're not annoying. I didn't realize I posted this until I saw your comment. XD This was meant to go on my personal blog.

  3. LOL! I'm pretty sure there is not a difference between fairy and faery. Faery is just the proper spelling, but I don't ever use it.;) Funny post!

  4. I hear you with the bra strap one. Everyone is like freaking out like it is the end of the world. Yeah, people can be VERY weird if you are talking to boys. They are always like, " Are you two a couple?!" Like, um, yeah no.


    1. I know right! And yeah, we can have friends that are boys that aren't boyfriends!


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