Thursday, February 4, 2016

What's Up - January

Hey guys!
Yeah, I skipped December, oh well.
So here's my second What's Up, my form of telling you what in the world is going on with me. SO... Let's get into it!

This month I got Maryellen; aka Ellie, whom I ADORE! She's a wonderful doll, possibly my favorite! shh... ;)
Recently, I did a photoshoot with Saige in the Winter White outfit. I might post it, but it's not very good, so I probably won't. Here's one picture from it though.

I was sick and out of school for a week. (I had bronchitis, which I get like twice a year for no apparent reason...) So I had A TON of make-up work!!! Gosh, I'm really behind. Luckily, what we've been doing is really easy!!! We get a lot of homework and such, but it takes no time at all!

Books I have read this month: The One And Only Marellen (Maryellen 1), The Sky's The Limit (My Journey With Maryellen), Taking Off (Marellen 2), Cress, The Giver, Number The Stars, Bramblestar's Storm, and The Higher Power of Lucky. My favorite of these was either The Giver or The Higher Power Of Lucky!

Favorite Drinks and Snacks
I've been loving the "Jamba Juice" make-at-home smoothies, and "Snappers" which are little pretzels covered in caramel and chocolate. Mmmm...

Other Random Things

  • I got a Clarisonic, it works really well, and I like it! I have the "Mia 2" in pink!
  • I got a puppy at my Dad's house! I totally forgot to say this till now! I'll share a picture of her at the end. She's a Coton de Tulear breed, and her name is Gabby!
  • Today I cracked my tooth in half. Nobody knows how it happened. At school, I was eating lunch, and BAM! Half my tooth comes out! It was so gross! :( My tooth split straight down the middle, so now you can see the red "pulp" which is the center of a tooth. Luckily, it's a baby tooth, but I might have to get it pulled on Monday!! I hope not!
  • I got combat boots, and I love them! I'll put a picture of them after Gabby. I wear them almost everyday and eeeeeeeee, I love them! They're not traditional, black, combat boots, but they're close, and I like them a lot!!
Here's Gabby. :)

    My babies!!! xD

I guess that's all for January! Thanks for reading! Bye!


  1. Ooh I love Number the Stars and The Giver.
    Gabby is so cute!
    That's a bummer about your tooth-good thing it was a baby tooth. :)

    1. Me too!! Lois Lowrey is a great author!
      Thanks, she's a living teddy bear. ;)
      Yeah, it really hurts, and I can't quite chew, but I am very fortunate that it's a baby tooth!

  2. Ooh, The Giver, Number the Stars, and Bramblestar's Storm are some of my favorites right now. :)



    1. Me too!
      Yessssssss! Thank you! She's super sweet. ;)

  3. I read The Giver for school, and it is amazing.

  4. Lois Lowrey is one of my favorites ! Number the Stars and The Giver were absolutely amazing. Glad you read them :)
    ~ Thalia


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