Sunday, September 11, 2016

Evening Radiance

I know I just posted yesterday, and I should save this post for the week... but whatever. 
So, I finally did a photoshoot! Hip hip, hooray! I'm actually pretty proud of these photos. I don't really have time to edit them, so they aren't perfect. I also don't have a camera, so these are all taken with my iPhone 5. Yep. But- I'm doing the best I can, really! On to the photos.
This is the 1 and only picture I did edit. It just has a filter, but I really don't like it anyway...

My favorite. <3

I love the colors!

I like the pose in this one, you?

Kinda dark, but also kind of artsy-looking. :P

Loving this fence for a background. Should I do more shoots here?

Lea's eyes... <3

Lea's eyes match the forest-colors.

That's all for today! ;P Did you like them? I hope you did!
HAS ANYONE BOUGHT ANYTHING WITH THE 20% OFF COUPON THINGY?! I got mine, but I really shouldn't be spending the required 50$ or more. UGH! :(
Please comment something. It doesn't even have to relate to the photos, I just want to know that someone is reading my posts.
Wow, that sounded desperate. But really, just say hi! Thanks for taking the time to stop by... Ba bye!

P.S: You should go look at my "Meet The Dolls" page. It's had some updates, if you haven't checked it in a while!


  1. Yes! I love the fence in the background! You make me want to get her!

      Lol lil too excited about that.
      Thanks! I think I'll do a full photoshoot there sometime!

  2. Lea's eyes are so pretty! The fence makes a unique background. :)

    -Clara <3

    1. Thank you, they really are! Like forests and mountains! Thank you!

  3. Ahhh!!! Your Lea is so pretty!!! At first I didn't really like her, she looked angry because of her eyebrows, but she is growing on me. XD

    1. Thank you! I had the same problem at first, but, (at least with my Lea) they're actually much softer than they appear in the AG photos. Besides, lots of girls, (including myself!) have thicker eyebrows!

  4. Also, I love your profile picture!! ^-^

  5. Cute pictures! I love Lea's outfit! And as you wanted- HIIIIIII!!!XD LOL!

  6. ok, well hi! *waves wildly*
    also, love the photos! :)

  7. Really pretty! I like the one with her hand and the sun. :)


  8. she is so cute! i love the location of these photos.


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