Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lorelai In Purple

Why... hello there!
Welcome back to my blog. ;)
I seriously just need to say "Hi" and get on with it. I've gone through so many greetings, I'll run out!
Anyway, hi!
I took some more photos, this time out by a wood pile in my yard. I've been testing out new backgrounds.

There were loads more photos, but they're honestly not very good. I'd rather give you a few of my best photos then bombard you with pictures that you'll scroll through, go "Meh." and be on your way. I try to put quality over quantity whenever I can. 
I don't photograph Loralai much, and it was great to do so for once! Please comment which of the Sunshine Dollies you'd like to see next! 
Have a wonderful, beautiful day.
And a great week ahead!


  1. These photos are so pretty! The woodpile is a unique background. :) I'd love to see a photoshoot of Molly!

    -Clara <3

    1. Thank you Clara!! One Molly-shoot coming right up!

  2. Loralai is so pretty!! I would like to see pictures of Astrid, she is sooooo pretty!!! ^-^

  3. Awww! Loralai is sooo cute! I love the second to last picture!:D


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