Saturday, September 10, 2016

Inside an... AG Popup Store!

Hello Sunshine!
Okay, I thought that'd be a cute intro, but now that I think about it, it's kinda creepy.
Sorry I stopped posting for a bit. I've just been busy with school. My apologies... I'll further explain in an upcoming post, but, for now, I have something fun to share!
Last week, I went to an AG popup store! It was pretty close to me, so, I decided to go! Here, I'll share some pictures and tell you about my experience.
This was the outside of the store. (Psst... If you look in the glass, you can see my reflection! ;))
It looks pretty much the same as a normal AG store, but on a much smaller scale. It was super crowded, but they used the space well!
Since I went a couple days after Melody's release, they had a little set-up where you could color flags relating to her story. Pretty cute! They said things like, "All together now!", "Lift your voice!" or simply, "I love to sing!" 
Here's Melody! She's so so cute! However, in the display, she was kind of messed up. Her hair was a rat's nest, her hat was falling off, and her glasses were like Julie's are in the background. All the displays were like that, but, it's probably unavoidable considering kids are touching them all the time. It's really not a bad thing! Melody was adorable anyway.

I wish this picture wasn't blurry. You can tell just how crowded the small store was!
Maryellen's new watermelon dress is the cutest thing, EVER! And, her refrigerator is super realistic. The food all looked very real! I like the pale pink color.
They did have Bitty Babies in the popup store! I was surprised that their area was just as big as the 18' dolls! I am in love with this darling confetti outfit. Aren't you?
They had a whole lot of holiday items in store, like these Bitty Baby sweater things. Cute, but isn't it a bit early for that?
Finally, I saw the new kitchen! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this set! I want it so badly! Why does it have to be so expensive?! Honestly though, it seems well-worth it though. It's very good quality, and it comes with a bazillion pieces. The toaster and mixer really work, too! It was the funniest thing ever when I picked up the toaster to examine it and- POP! The toast flew across the store! The lady working at the cash register looked over and laughed hysterically. My cheeks were red as tomatoes! XD

My final opinion on the AG popup stores is that they're a great idea, but they're definitely cramped, and the true AG stores are better. However, I'm happy to have an American Girl Store nearby for once!
Have any of you guys been to one of the popup stores?

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