Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Doll Family Of 7 - Meet Emily

I kind of forgot about this... a while back I decided I'd show you each of my dolls, an let you get to know them. I did Molly before, now, here's Emily!

Molly: I know Emily really well, it was just me and her for 2 years!
Saige: I've known her for almost as long as Molly! She's a great friend, and sister!
Kit: Emily is very kind, but she's a little shy... AT FIRST!

Molly: This quote describes Emily perfectly!
Grace: It certainly does! At first I thought Emily was a shy, quiet bookworm, but now I know she is totally crazy!
Emily: Gee, thanks Grace, glad you think I'm crazy. *smirks*

Ruthie: Emily is very polite, she has amazing manners.
Isabelle: At times Emily gets a bit TOO proper, but we all know she means well.
Molly: She throws amazing tea parties. 
Isabelle: Ugh... 

Emily: Hey! I hate that picture of me!
Isabelle: Too bad! You look beautiful in it!
Molly: Emily is totally underestimated. She's the best sister ever.
Saige: She definitely is.
Kit: She's so compassionate!
Molly: Overall, Emily's a wonderful girl. 
Emily: Aww... thanks guys.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Emily!

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