Friday, July 24, 2015

Fashion Match Up: Round 2

Here are the options for the next Fashion Match Up!


(In case you can't tell, the orange thing is a headband and the beige thing is a scarf.)

A Review On The Rules...

Pick one top, bottoms, and shoes, accessories are optional.


Pick a dress, shoes, and an accessory.

Please only one outfit per person. 

Feel free to ask questions in the comments!

Have fun!

P.S: How long do your dolls usually stay in the same outfit, and hairstyle?


  1. Top: white frilly thing. (I can't remember the names XD)
    Bottoms: black leggings.
    Shoes: boots?
    Idk this probably sucks. XD


    P.S. My dolls are usually dressed in the same outfit for at least a week... XD they only get their hair done when I get off my lazy butt and do it... ;)

  2. Top: Grace's Meet Shirt
    Bottom: Black pants
    Shoes: Black t-strap shoes

    My dolls sometimes stay in their outfit for a while if I spent a long time on it and really like it. Otherwise, I change my dolls once a week to once every two weeks.

  3. Dress: Kit's dress
    Accessory: Western hat
    Shoes: Saige's boots

  4. Here is my outfit:
    Blue top
    White pants

    My dolls usually stay in an outfit for 1-2 weeks.

  5. top: white eyelet tunic/top
    bottoms: black leggings
    accessories: orange headband (to bring out the orange of the og tag on the top)
    shoes: black t-strap shoes

    and to answer your question, my dolls get their hair done all the time (not always in elaborate styles, but brushed through and if it needs it, curling), but changing them isn't as frequent--well, consistent, rather. some of my dolls get changed more than others (*cough* emerson), whereas some stay in the same outfit for a while. i always make sure to change them after about two weeks at the most though.

    btw i like your signature. :)


    1. Sounds like it'll be cute!
      Same happens with me... Except my dolls outfits get changed more than I do their hair.
      Thanks! I just made it.

  6. oh! i forgot to add that i think you should roll up the black leggings once or twice to give them a cropped effect. ^-^
    the only reason i do their hair more often is because i swear i have ocd when it comes to their hair. xD
    no problem! it's really cute.


    1. K! Ha ha, I'm just too lazy to get up and fix it!

  7. White tank top, yellow skirt, and pink shoes. :)

  8. So cute!
    I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the world blogger award! Look at my newest post for my info!

  9. OG white shirt, Yellow skirt, scarf and brown boots:)

  10. Top: Graces Meet Shirt
    Bottoms: Light Pink Leggings
    Accessories: Beige Scarf
    Shoes: Black T-strap Shoes
    My dolls usually stay in the same outfit for a week or more, their hair gets changed the most if they don't have super curly or short hair.

  11. To answer that question, my dolls stay in their outfits for about two weeks until I have motivation to change them again . I don't really like changing them a lot , because I don't have any modern clothes that I would like them to wear .

  12. White frilly top
    Black pants
    Pink/coral headband
    Saige's meet boots

    Lol, it's so fun to play our own game on a different blog! Speaking of that, the next round of our Fashion Fun is up, in case any of you want to participate. :)

    ~Kirsten & Sylvia


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