Monday, July 6, 2015

The Box ~ A Really Sad Photostory

This is actually me. Not a pre-written post. I am writing this on July 6th, 10:46 AM. Here's this photostory, that shows my doll's journey of being packed into a big box.

The dolls were sitting on the stairs, they had just overheard that I was going to grab a box to pack them in. Emily was comforting Molly as she cried quietly, Grace  was listening to Isabelle complain about being in a box, Kit was banging her head against the wall, Ruthie was full out sobbing, and Saige was just watching the train wreck of dolls.

"Come on Ruthie, It'll be alright." Saige said. 

Ruthie sat up, but tears were still streaming down her face, "No! It won't be. I've been in a box before. I was in a box for 6 YEARS Saige, 6 YEARS!" Ruthie was referring to the 6 years she had spent in a box before I bought her off Amazon. "They put me in a box in 2008," Ruthie continued, "I didn't come out until 2014." "But that won't happen again!" Saige said confidently, "Tenley loves us, we'll be in the box for a month, at the most!" 

Saige looked around at all her sisters.

"Listen up!" She shouted.

Everyone turned to face her.

"We are NOT going to be in that box for long!" Saige continued to shout, "Has Tenley ever left us before? Packed us up and forgot about us?" 

"Yes!" Molly exclaimed. "Me and Emily sat for almost 2 years before you came!" 

"Exactly." Saige said. Everyone raised eyebrows, confused. "She HAS left us before, but she came back for us! She unpacked us! She remembered us! And even then," Saige continued more quietly, "We'll always have each other." 

All of the dolls, except for Ruthie, silently nodded their approval.

"Ruthie?" Saige asked gently. Ruthie sniffled, "You're right."

Emily pointed and sighed, "The box is here."

And so, with heavy hearts, the dolls climbed in the box, with faith that they would soon be unpacked.

I had to pack my dolls today. For this photostory I imagined how each of the dolls would feel about going into a box, unsure of when they could come out. Moving is a pain. Thanks for reading, bye.


  1. Awww don't worry dolls! Tenley won't forget you. Besides, being in a box with your friends is better than alone in a AG box.
    ~Kathryn(and her dolls)

    1. I'm sure my dolls would appreciate that if they were here to hear it. :) (It sounds like they're dead when I say that! DX)

  2. I know! I had to put Emma, Sydney, and Camille in a box 'cause Kim was in her travel case. And, moving IS a pain. :(
    It's OK, dolls! Don't worry, my dolls have felt like you do before, right, my dolls? (RIGHT, right right, and right)
    ~Evey P. :) <3
    *Emma, Kim, Sydney, and Camille!* :)

    1. It's hard! Thanks for the support!

  3. aw, tell your girls that's it's gonna be alright. :3 saige is a wonderful motivator. scarlette would never be able to calm the crew down like saige did. ;) when i moved all my girls went in their original ag boxes and remained there for a good two months--so your girls have got it good, being together and all. good luck with the move!


    1. Yep, Saige is what you'd call a "people person". Yeah my girls are dramatic.

  4. Don't worry! I will remind Tenley to get you out of the box ;)

  5. Aww, poor dollies! I hope you all find a new home soon!



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