Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Pet For Gwen - A Photostory

Here's a photostory!

"And Gwen, this is your new room." Molly said, concluding Gwen's tour of the house.

As Gwen looked into the room, she saw two dogs playing and racing around the room. There seemed to be a bit of dog hair on the bed as well...

"Sorry..." Molly smiled apologetically, "This used to be me and Emily's room, and we had let our dogs in here." 

"That's okay!" Gwen grinned, "I love dogs!" And then she jumped onto the bed and snuggled the two small dogs, calling them names like "Fuzzlewumpkins".

Molly giggled.

"How many pets do you have anyway?" Gwen asked laughing, I didn't even know you had dogs!"

"Well, that's Bennett and Yank, Yank is Emily's dog and Bennett is mine. Then Kit and Ruthie have Grace, a beagle. Isabelle has Jazzy... her pomeranian puppy. Grace has a turtle named Murtle, Saige has a horse named Dusty and a golden retriever named Faith. Oh! Emily also has two doves, May and June."
"Wow." Gwen said, "That's a lot of pets." Molly laughed again, "I know, and I wasn't done. There's also a dog we found right before we moved. Isabelle and Saige rescued her off the streets."
"Oh that's sad." Gwen said, and then she added, "Can I see her?" 
"Sure! Molly said, she set her glasses down on Gwen's dresser, because they were sliding down her nose, and left.
Gwen waited, and after a moment, Molly was back with a fluffy white dog following behind her.

Bennett and Yank ran to meet the snowball of a dog. "Shoo!" Molly said, pushing them out of the room, as she said this, the rescued pup leaped onto the bed, straight into Gwen's arms. 

"Oh!" Gwen exclaimed. Then she smiled, and pet the happy dog. "What a cutie!" She said.

"You know..." Molly said slowly, "If you want her, she's yours." 
"Really?!" Gwen asked, shocked.
"Yes, really." Molly smiled.
"Are you sure?" Gwen asked sheepishly, but she smiled down at the fluffball in her arms.
"Yup." Molly said. 
"If you're sure... then thank you so much!" Gwen said, ruffling the dog's fur and stroking her ears.

Gwen was very happy with her new dog.

He he he... I had a lot of fun making this. I'm sorry the lighting is so bad in most of the photos, Gwen's room is in a corner. I wonder what she will name her new pup...


  1. Aw, what an adorable photostory! I loved it so much I read it twice. ;)

  2. Oh boy!
    Mini Gwen, may I suggest the name: Fluffinator 3000?
    Ok, fine.
    How about Snowstorm.

    I think she's fine in her dark little corner room. Good for curling up in a ball with a dog or a book and a mug of tea.

    1. He he he. That's a bit long.
      Snowstorm works.
      I'm glad she's okay with it.

  3. This is so cute! I also just want to mention my September Photo Contest, which will start on September first. It would be awesome if you could enter!

    Allie D.


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