Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fashion Match Up Results

'Lo everyone.
Sorry I sorta disappeared for a week.
Things have been busy. Very busy. 
Just yesterday we had to go rescue my cat, Jack. He'd been staying with our sweet, elderly former neighbor lady while we moved. She's a really nice lady who has 5 cats and a dog of her own. Anyway, the woman next door to the lady watching our cat decided to call animal control on him and they came, set up traps for him, and chased him in the heat of the day. Where I live, the heat of the day is usually 100+ degrees ferenheight. When we came to pick him up he was extremely stressed and tried to bite and claw us. He is normally a very friendly cat. We took him to the vet and they told us he was very dehydrated. He's doing much better now though.Here's a picture of him at the vet:
(The bald spot on his neck is just where the vet drew blood from.)

Oh yeah! I almost forgot, the point of this post. I ran out of time when I was doing this, so I only have a 1st place winner for this round of Fashion Match Up, but It's still here. The winning outfit is...

This one!

This lovely outfit was designed by Maddie. I absolutely adore it! I think it looks very chic and classy. It is adorable on Gwen! Thanks for submitting this idea Maddie! It's great!

We move into our new house Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I am  REALLY excited. I probably won't post for a couple days after we move, not good posts anyway. I will keep you updated on whats happening though!

P.S: Any tips for waiting for something super exciting? Because I am really anxious to move!


  1. Aww, your cat is so cute! I hope is will be OK! :)

  2. Whew! I'm glad your cat turned out fine.
    Is it the house you wanted? I am very excited for you!

    1. Me too.
      Yes, it sure is!!!! It's on four acres and my room is a magnificent light minty blue.


    3. YAY! Mini-Gwen and Big-Gwen are happy! Just-Tenley is happy too!

  3. aw, i'm sorry about your cat! i'm glad he ended up okay. :3
    and congratulations on the new house! exciting times, eh?
    oh, and i'm so very glad you liked the outfit--you're right, gwen does indeed look wonderful in it. ^-^


    1. Thank you. Ol' Jack is back up and running.
      Thanks again! Yes, VERY exciting!!!!!

    2. #55 does indeed look very nice in black in white.


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