Saturday, August 22, 2015

My New Shoes

Hey guys!
I went shoe-shopping today!
I hate shopping.
But sadly I can't walk around barefoot.
I got some new shoes for school. Here they are. I got 3 pairs.

These are some black flats... I'm not a huge fan of them, but I needed new flats and these were the only decent ones that came in my size.

Next are some Toms. These are what I usually wear to school, they're comfy, and occasionally I can get away with wearing these to PE.

Finally, I got these Sperrys. I'm honestly not too sure about these... They're nice, but they are really different from what I normally wear, and they are BRIGHT blue. Your opinion?



  1. I hate shoe shopping too! I really like your flats!

    1. I know! It's so embarrassing to get up and walk around in the shoes in front of the person selling shoes. And then they're like, "They look great! Do you like them? How do they fit?" And I'm like, "Um....."

  2. those are cute! i like the blue sperrys the best, i think–probably because they're the most sneaker-like shoes in this post. xD i actually really love shoe-shopping, but only because at this point in my life, i'm able to make pretty much all the choices about how i dress and what i look like, so i get to buy the things that i want (like converse and doc martins lol). clothes shopping is a whole other story, though. especially jean shopping, as it's always hard for me to find a pair that fits both in the waist and the legs (i guess i just have weird legs haha). anyways, i'm rambling, as i always do, so i apologize. *blushes* i must be the most annoying person you've ever met.

    1. He he. That's fine. I love your ramblings. I'm not really a sneaker person... Mostly because I am awful at tying shoes lol. I'm just.. not good at it. I can tie balloons though! I can tie balloons very quickly, but it takes me forever to tie shoe laces. I don't know what's wrong with me, it's just not a skill I possess. Converse are cool though I don't wear them. They're still cool.


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