Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dollhouse Tour

It's finally here guys!
The highly requested...
When we moved I naturally had to take the furniture out of my dollhouse and pack it up, so I had to re-decorate it yesterday. Since it's looking very nice and cute, it's the perfect time to give you a tour! Here we go!

Gwen's Room

Sorry the lighting is so bad in this room.

This is Gwen's room. Gwen is actually my only doll with her own room, but since she's the oldest, it works out. In her room we have Molly's bed, some fox statues at the foot of the bed, a telescope leaning up against the wall, and a nightstand/dresser with a lamp on it. This room actually isn't in my dollhouse, but it's between my dollhouse and the wall.

Dining Room

This is my doll's dining room. It consists of Molly's table, a mop, and Saige's painting set. On the dining table there's just a watering can with some flowers in it, salt and pepper shakers, and some plates with cookies.


In the kitchen we have the OG kitchen set that is oh so popular, a poster from an AG magazine, 2 rugs, and a whiteboard that says "Home Sweet Home".


This is the bathroom! It has the AG bathtub, and AG nightstand I forgot the name of. Here's a photo of what is on the nightstand I use as a bathroom counter:

I use the owl dish as a sink. What? It doesn't look like a sink? Have an imagination!  I know.

Kit and Ruthie's Room

I'm really sorry this picture is SO blurry. :( If you can see, in Kit and Ruthie's room we have Kit's desk, Kit's bed, a violin and music-stand-thingy, a poster, and some old photos from the 1930's.

What's on Kit's desk:

Kit's radio, Kit's notebook, Kit's purse, Ruthie's handkerchief, some playing cards, some Hello Kitty erasers, and a newspaper. Comment if you can find all the items!

Upstairs/Attic Everything Room

This room will take a few photos, and it might be my favorite room. It is Isabelle, Grace, Molly, Emily, and Saige's bedroom, (don't question how that works) as well as a living room and pet area.

This is the living room area. It has an AG desk (I have no idea who's
collection it's from.) An AG dog bed, a locker rug, a little purse in the corner, a computer I made, and the aqua earring tree.

This is the bedroom area. It has a bunkbed and various accessories. 

I forgot to take a picture of the pet area, but it consists of 2 dog beds, a bird cage with 2 doves in it, and an aquarium with a turtle in it. 

I hope you liked my dollhouse tour! Which room was your favorite? Could you find all the items on Kit's desk? My favorite room is the attic multi-purpose room. Please comment on this post! It took a lot of work to get the dollhouse ready, and Blogger was not cooperating!  I still had a ton of fun though, and I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did.


  1. Wow, what a great dollhouse! I loved Kit and Ruthie's room. I found all the things on Kit's desk!

  2. Those rooms are so cute! I especially love the bathroom and Kit and Ruthie's room. And yes, I found everything on Kit's desk. ;)
    I love that OG kitchen set! I would buy it if it wasn't super expensive. :P

    1. Thank you! I don't know how you people are finding all of those!

  3. I see mini Gwen has a higher tolerance for warm colours/pink. I admire her for that. I love all the colours, but somehow all my possessions wind up being green, gray, and blue.
    My favorite part of mini me room is the foxes. Foxes are cool. I have a lot of stuffed animals.
    I like the attic the most.

    1. Actually she did not design the room, and she hasn't even seen it yet. Hopefully she'll still like it. I can change the bedding if she really doesn't like the red. I am very glad you like the foxes. I was worried they'd be weird, but they're really cool. I found them at Hobby Lobby on sale and plopped them in the dollhouse.

  4. Love the house! That owl sink/dish is so cute, where did you get it? My favorite room is Kit and ruthies. I have kits desk and school supplies, but thats all from kits furniture/accesories. I NEED that bed though :)

    1. Thanks! It's from the dollar store I think. :)

  5. I loved the dollhouse tour! My favorite room was the attic and I have the same bunk bed as you :)

    1. I'm glad!!!!! Really? Do you know where it's from? I got it for Christmas.


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