Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Blog Of The Month

Hey guys!
I've decided to do something new. It will be called, "Blog of The Month". I'm going to pick a blog  that I think is really cool, or I've been reading a lot, or has great photos, etc, and they'll win the award. You don't have to be following me or anything to win the title, but I'm just letting you know, I read LOTS of blogs. The winner of Blog Of The Month will be announced on the last day of the month. 
There's really no prize, except for a post on why I think you deserve the award, and maybe a little something to put in your sidebar. (If you want to.)
Things I will be looking for:
Does your photography stand out?
Are your posts creative?
Is your blog organized?
Is your blog fun?
Do you like the idea of this award?


  1. I guess I would have to actually start posting to participate in this, huh?

    1. Ha ha ha, not necessarily, as long as you post like once this month.

  2. Ooh! This sounds really fun!:D I can't wait to see who wins.:)

  3. aw, this is a great idea to showcase the people you think deserve more attention. ^-^

  4. This is such a great idea! I'm excited to see who will be the winners :)

  5. AMAZING. great idea. Can't wait to see who the winners will be. :)


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