Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lea's Collection - My Opinion

I know this is kind of late but today I wanted to share my opinion on the new GOTY, Lea's collection!
Note I will not be sharing every item, just some key ones.

First up is Lea herself. Erm... I'm not crazy about her. She looks like Rebecca after summer vacation. Rebecca with highlighted  hair and a tan. I am not impressed by this doll. I do like her meet outfit, though. The dress is very cute and tropical, and the messenger bag is adorable.

This is her hiking outfit. I do like this! I think the shirt is very versatile and the boots are just too cute! And I can never have too many headbands. 

Next is Lea's sloth. Umm... It looks more like a gremlin to me. It's still adorable though! It looks super soft. But once again, it doesn't really look like a sloth. 

Here is Lea's Bahia Outfit. I actually really like this! The dip-dyed shirt is really pretty and the shoes look pretty cute. The shorts would be great for mix-matching. 

These are Lea's pj's! Most people I've heard don't like these, but I think they are really cute! I think the romper could even be worn with a little cardigan outside the house! It would make a nice casual look. 
But the slippers... uh.... no.

And here's Lea's "big item". Thing is, it's not that big. At least with Grace's bakery you were getting a lot of stuff. This is just a small rainforest themed desk area. Definitely never buying this. 

There's my review on Lea's collection. Do you agree or disagree with me?


  1. I definitely agree with you about a lot of this, but I have to say, AG's stock photos make her look really... ugly I guess? xD She's super cute in real life. :)


  2. My favorite item of Lea's is her Bahia outfit. :) I don't think I will buy anything of hers though. Her collection is cute, but there isn't really any thing that I just HAVE to have. :)What is your opinion is Melody so far?

    1. I don't know enough about Melody to have an opinion of her. ;)

  3. She does look like Rebecca after a summer vacation ;)

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