Sunday, January 3, 2016

Maryellen Review

Here's my review on Beforever character Maryellen. First, can I just say, I am in LOVE with this doll! I am super happy to have her! 
Also, my apologies for some of the photo's poor quality. I moved under the Christmas tree, which I thought would make for a pretty background, but there was very bad lighting. 

Here she is still in her box..

Now she's out! She's so cute!

There is one problem... Her bangs. She has this little piece that is short but coming out from the top of her head and... I don't really know what's happening here! Anybody know why she has this?

Here's a close-up of her face. She has feathered eyebrows, hazel eyes, the classic facemold, and very nice coloring. I like her blush and lip color so much because it's just a subtle pink, not super dark and obvious, yet just enough to be very very cute. 

Here is an overview of her meet outfit. Maryellen arrives in a pink, blue, and white striped dress with an aqua colored shrug and plain black t-strap flats.

Her dress looks quite adorable even without the shrug. ;)

Her hair comes in a simple high-ponytail with a very cute bow that matches the color of both her shrug and the stripes on her dress. 

A side-view of her ponytail...

Aaaaannd... here she is with her hair down! YEEEEEH SHE'S SO GORGEOUS!!! 

Nice meet outfit
Sweet face
Lovely coloring
Very photogenic (With proper lighting!!!)

Common defect in bangs
Hair is a bit difficult to style

Overall, Maryellen is an adorable doll. I LOVE her! She also has a great collection of historical 50's items. (Which I am hoping to get!) I'm excited to read her book, I hear it's pretty good! One thing I would like to note is that her hair is not really red in person. It's more of a honey-blonde with some red highlights. 
Would I recommend her?
Yes! But, Not for people unexperienced in doll hair care. Her hair isn't hard to keep managed, (it is soft, doesn't tangle much, curls stay in place,) but it easily gets messy-looking. She has some odd bangs which are tricky to handle. If you are willing to deal with that though, Maryellen is an EXCELLENT doll! She is so so cute! Her coloring is the best of all my dolls for sure. Great job AG! 

What'd you think of my first doll review?
Isn't Maryellen the cutest? :)


  1. Great review! I don't have Maryellen yet, but I think she's really pretty.:) I think her bangs are like that because, supposedly in the book, she cuts them herself, so that's why the doll doesn't have perfect bangs.;)

    1. Oh! I didn't know that about her bangs in the story! I just started her book so I hadn't learned that yet!

  2. She's so pretty! I bet you are so happy!


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