Sunday, January 3, 2016

Maryellen's Poodle Skirt ~ Review

Maryellen is super fun! I started her book and so far it's really cute. I learned several things, like how she had polio when she was little so she has a weak leg, and how she cut her own bangs to look like the stars of her era, (which is why the doll has sort of funky bangs), and how she has a friend from Italy. 
Oh and she got her poodle skirt for her first day of 4th Grade, because she wanted to look more grown-up. Most of her clothes are hand-me-downs from her older sisters, so she is thrilled to have her new skirt. 
And AG actually made the poodle skirt in an outfit for the doll! Yay! I am lucky enough to have this skirt, so I thought I'd review it for you today. I hope you don't mind two Maryellen posts in a row, I'm just really excited to have this 50's girl in my dollhouse! If you haven't already read my review on Maryellen herself, please go here to read it. ;)
On with the review now!

Isn't it super cute? This outfit comes with a pink blouse, pink bow, saddle shoes, and of course the poodle skirt!
Here's the pink bow. This is a little tricky to put on the doll, honestly. It's sort of a scarf-thing. I had my mom do this for me, because I could not get it to look right. Once you actually get it in the doll's hair though, it's quite cute! The bow is made from a sheer pink fabric with darker pink polkadots on it.
Here's the top. It's pink again... With a Peter Pan collar and buttons down the front. The sleeves are short and a little poofy, with the same sheer fabric and dark pink polkadots as the hair tie. Note the buttons do not really button, there is velcro all the way down the back of the blouse.

Here's Ellie holding out the skirt for you. It's plain black all around except for the cute French poodle and leash. I think this skirt might look better with Maryellen's crinoline under it, as mine lays kind of flat. There is no velcro on the skirt, but it is easy to slip onto your doll. The fabric is really soft.

If we take a closer look at the skirt you can see that there is a quilt-like stitch along the fabric. Because this adds a little more detail to the skirt, I really like it. 

I forgot a picture of the shoes but they are just plain saddle shoes. Very cute although I wish they had some sort of velcro on the back. They can be difficult to squeeze Ellie's feet into.

There you go! I would reccomend Maryellen's Poodle Skirt 100%! It's adorable and good quality. Sorry if these reviews are boring. I try to make them fun. Tomorrow I'm doing a photoshoot with Ellie anyway! Are you excited?


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