Friday, January 8, 2016

Kennedy's Transformation

Hey guys!
So yesterday I got a huge surprise from my good friend Emma...A doll! Emma didn't use her old doll anymore, so, she gave her to me! I was in shock when I opened the gift bag. Here she is!

Ok, so no. Her hair is not perfect. But that's ok! We're going to fix it!
As you can see, her hair is quite frizzy, tangled, and overall pretty messy. Not to worry! That's all about to change!

First I brushed Kennedy's hair out really well.
Then, I wet it, alot. 
I brushed through it again.
I rubbed some leave-in conditioner in it.
Brushed it again.
And ta-da! Her hair was pretty and smooth.
As finishing touches I cleaned all her little marks and dirt off her arms and legs, and put her in a pretty dress.

The result is a totally different doll!

Top is before, bottom is after. Doesn't Kennedy look so much better?!
I'm really proud of the result of giving this doll a makeover. And the entire process only took me about an hour!!!

I'm really happy to have Kennedy, she's adorable. :) Thank you Emma!! It might be a while before Kennedy appears on the Meet The Dolls page, since I usually think about my doll's personalities long before I actually get them, and this girl was a TOTAL surprise!!!
I think she is a #32 doll, but I'm not entirely sure. Do you recognize what type of doll she is?


  1. Kennedy is so adorable! You have an awesome friend.

  2. ah congrats!! you did a great job with her hair, dolls with bangs always seem to be a bit harder to tame frizz-wise. you've got quite the friend, there. :3

    1. The frizz was tricky to fix, but in the end, it worked out. :) Yeah, Emma's a pretty great friend.

  3. Wow! Kennedy looks like new now! You did a great job at fixing her up :)

  4. Kennedy..... <3. You did a nice job of fixing her up! I tried to fix up Ocean and I just made here hair really frizzy xD.

    1. Thanks! Aww, well curly-haired dolls are hard. Isn't Ocean a Caroline doll?

    2. Actually, Ocean is an Elizabeth doll. ;)

  5. Ooh congrats! She is so cute. :) Her hair look amazing!


  6. Kennedy looks really great and pretty! She looks like JLY #32 to me(that's who I thought she was when I first saw her). :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah, I'm pretty sure she is a 32.

  7. Wow! I love how she looks now! This was such a cool post!:) Good luck with finding a personality for her!:D

  8. Wow! Awesome transformation, one look at AG Wikia and she is a #32!


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