Thursday, September 3, 2015

Calm Down Please!

Many of you are saying how they care and they just didn't check my blog because they see new posts in their feed - I know that! I didn't mean you don't care. I didn't say I wanted to see who cared, I said I wanted to see who NOTICED. I wanted to see who checks my blog even when I don't post for WEEKS. I know you care, I'm sorry if I suggested otherwise.


  1. It's ok....I love your blog, and it is such an inspiration to me on how you like just started and you are already this far! :)

  2. I love your blog Tenley, but right now I'm freakishly busy with school. I'm doing a new online school and there was tons of homework assigned already. So yeah...I've been pretty busy as you've seen by my lack of blog posts. I may not always have time to comment, but I'm definitely viewing your posts!
    Good luck at school today.


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