Wednesday, September 9, 2015


So yesterday I was showing my mom the new AG stuff, and when I got to Mary-Ellen's stuff, my mom asked if I wanted her. My reaction was somewhat like this:

So now I'm doing a bunch of chores to get Mary-Ellen. Although I'm thinking it's sorta close to Christmas so I might just say I don't want her until then. I know, I know, I just got Gwen, I'm just as surprised as you are! I am still in shock. Lol. I might not REALLY get her... Not sure, but it's definitely a possibility.


  1. Wow! That is cool! Hope you get her! I just went to the AG store and got her Play Outfit, I love it. :)

  2. maddie from the suite life is my spirit animal i swear.
    anyways YAY FOR MAYBE MARY-ELLEN! eh, it'd only be a few months apart. at least you aren't pulling a stunt like i did with indie and archer who were literally purchased a week apart. xD

    1. She's awesome. You're awesome. It's true.
      Ha ha ha. MAYBE MARY-ELLEN! Woah you're right. It's been MONTHS! It feels like I've had her for a week.

  3. you are soooo lucky! Fingers crossed that you get her!! :)

  4. Who are the AG dolls on your AG doll wishlist ?


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