Thursday, September 3, 2015

Jabbing People With Pencils

Today I did some embarrassing things. I'm still sitting outside the school. One thing was in Choir, (I had to do a musical elective.) I sort of pretended to stab my friend in the eye with my pencil. (Don't ask, it's an inside joke that involves talking pencils wanting to be real people...)
And Mr... Let's just call him Mr.Singsalot, said in his very loud manner, "My students stabbing each other makes me quite uncomfortable." Everyone laughed... -_-

as I crammed my 10 binders into my bag and stood up, I rammed my head into the locker above mine's door. That was painful.

We were in the hallway and me and another girl were messing around and holding the hands through the "dangerous mass of people" Another teacher came by and said, "Don't drag people through the hallway." Do these teachers think I'm dangerous or something?!

I've learned a few things today:
1.Teachers don't like inside jokes.
2. Lockers are dangerous things.
3. Middle schools are dangerous things.

My blog was on private for a while yesterday, don't worry about it. I wanted to see if anyone would notice, I know I had no right to do that, and Maddie actually had reason, but I honestly just wanted to see if anyone cared. 1 person did, but I won't say their name in case they don't want me to. I'll try to do an actual post sometime soon, but I have awful allergies and this morning I truly thought I was dying. (I had a sore throat and a headache, I was miserable.) But hey, I'm alive! Err... I guess... Bye? Yeah, bye.



  1. I've been meaning to comment on your first day of middle school post. I'm sorry how it went hopefully it will be better! I love your blog Tenley, it's just that I have been busy with school, and unless someone posts something, I really don't check their blog. I'm not trying to make an excuse, it's just that that's why. I want to hear about the inside joke though!

    1. I know I know. I'm sorry I implied that you don't care, I posted about that just now.

  2. Since people follow you, your posts show up in their feed, so they don't need to check your blog every day, making the method of turning your blog private for a day an unreliable way of checking how many people care.
    Because I care, but I don't check every person's blog every single day.
    I'm glad you are here, Tenley.
    Middle schools are very dangerous. Good thing you didn't drown or get squished in the crowds of people. Trampled friends make me quite uncomfortable.

    1. I know.
      I didn't mean people didn't care.
      I posted about it...

  3. I went on your blog yesterday and nothing came up about it being private.... weird. I really hope you keep it public because I really love reading your entries! :D
    Also, sounds like you had quite an interesting day at school. ;)

    1. Huh. That's weird.
      "Interesting" is a nice way of putting it.

  4. I get what you are were just seeing who would check your blog and NOTICE even though a post didn't pop up in their feed....Its totally ok and I get it. Also, Middle school is tough! It will get easier though! Stick with it girl! ;)

  5. I have to agree with Gwen. About the blog thing.

    As for middle school lockers, I've always been on the bottom. And I always had a messy person above me who opens their locker and spilled stuff on my head. I hurts.

    It'll get better. And next year you'll laugh at the little six graders as you reminisce about the days.


    1. Once again,
      I posted about that.

      It's painful indeed.

      I hope I'll be kinder to them than the 7/8th graders were to me.

  6. lmao at least you weren't late to french twice (and if you were late for a third time you would'v gotten detention the first freaking week of school) because that was me. xD anyways, i can relate to doing odd things that can be embarrassing in choir. my friends and i were in choir in middle school and honestly, we were only there so we could mess around with each other. whoops?
    and the locker thing too. i'm really tall, but always ended up getting a bottom locker. i hit my head quite frequently.
    personally, i don't think you sounded selfish. just because you didn't have a set reason to put your blog on private doesn't mean you aren't allowed to see who'd notice. :3 btw, i don't mind you saying my name. (assuming i was the one person, that is) ;)


  7. I want to take French, it's a cool language.
    I signed up for choir because I like to sing, but I've found I'm not a fan of all the technical stuff like notes.
    I'm super short but it still hurts. Lol
    I know... I wish people wouldn't make a big deal about it. I didn't even want to say anything about it, but I felt bad doing that.
    Yes, you were the one person, I just didn't add your name in case ... Idk.


    1. it is a very fun language!

      neat. i like to sing, but only songs that i WANT to sing.

      haha i bet. lockers are unforgiving inventions.

      yeah, sometimes people make a big deal out of nothing.

    2. Bonjour. Je'mapelle Tenley. (I probably spelled that totally wrong.)
      Uh huh!

    3. ah, salut, tenley! je m'appelle maddie. comment allez-vous? parlez-vous fran├žais?

  8. Oh gosh! Your allergies sound terrible! I'm sorry you had such a rough day! (Or days!;))

  9. You should really make a personal blog.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion but I like posting here. :) This is my personal blog and doll blog wrapped in one.


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