Monday, September 7, 2015

Favorite Post?

Happy Labor Day!
I have a question for you, What is your favorite post I've ever done? I want to know so I can see what you guys like! Please comment below which one of my (almost) 150 posts you liked best!!!

Edit: This actually is my 150th post! :D


  1. Hmmm....all your posts are great, but I really like the Make An Outfit thing. Where you pick an item from all 3 categories and create an outfit! :)

    1. Oh me too! That's always super fun! :D I'll be sure to post another round sometime this week!

  2. ooo, this is a toughy...i could never pick one favorite, but i really do love when you have a post that's a little more personal (like your back to school posts). :} not saying i dislike doll posts or anything, because i love those, but i enjoy getting to know you better or having like, a more personal, one-on-one conversation, you know?

    ^^that probably makes no sense but ah well. xD

    1. Aww thanks Maddie!
      Those are the posts I expect people to be like "SHUT UP!" on. Lol.

    2. I like those too! It's always fun to know whats up and to sympathize. Every post you have done (at least the ones I have read!) are fun :)

  3. Honestly, I really enjoy reading all your posts. :) But I think my favorites are the daily life posts (like when you've told us about your school/moving) and the Q&As. I don't actually know why....I guess because I like hearing about other people's lives. ;)


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