Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter! Today is a wonderful day, because today is the day of candy! No, I'm just joking, although I love those chocolate eggs... :P Anyway, the important thing about today is NOT CANDY! It is about Jesus dying on the cross for us and then rising once again on the Sunday we celebrate. "For God so loved the world that he sent his one and only son so that whoever believes in him shall be blessed with eternal life." There are many translations of this verse, but all are saying the same thing. God loves us so much that he sent HIS SON down to die a horrible death so that we could live. I encourage you all to pray in thanks for this today. Here's a few questions for you to respond to in the comments:
1. How do you celebrate Easter?
2. What is your favorite candy?
3. Do you have a favorite Bible verse?
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  1. Uh... when you first said that Jesus quote, I was like, "huh? what the heck?"
    Sorry, I don't read the Bible or go to church. But i'll answer the questions.
    1.) We wake up, get our gifts, eat doughnuts, play with our gifts, and eat candy until we puke! (for the last one, i was kidding. LOL)
    2.) OMIGOD YOU DID NOT JUST ASK THAT!! I LOVE EVERY. SINGLE. CANDY THAT WAS EVER MADE! But I have braces, so I can't eat gum, Skittles, or gummies! :( (Gummies are my life.)
    3.) Again, I don't read the bible

    1. Why do you celebrate Easter if you don't read the Bible? It's not about the candy my dear, it's about the fact that Jesus loved YOU so much that he was tortured and murdered, so that you could have the opportunity to live forever with him in paradise. Remember that. I won't force you into my beliefs, but remember what I said.


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