Monday, April 20, 2015

You're Too Sweet For Your Own Good Award

Hi! Nikki @ Nikki Malt's Blog recently nominated me for the award: You're Too Sweet For Your Own Good. I really don't deserve all these awards guys! They're fun to do though. :) So... here we go!
I was kind of reluctant to post this because the picture is... odd.

Thanks a lot Nikki! It was very sweet of YOU to nominate me! Ugh... Blogger is being weird... Sorry if this post turns out funny. Okay- here's her questions for me:
What is your favorite color?
PINK!!! Well, I do like minty-blues too. (Not the kind above... lighter)
What is your favorite song?Hmm... I like a lot of songs! But a few of my favorites are Bubbly, God Girl, Dear Future Husband, and Firework.Do you own a cell-phone?Strange question, but yes, I do. I have an iPhone 5c.What was the best day of your life?Woah! That's uh... I don't know. Deep? Lol. I'm so weird... ANYWAY, Uh... I have no clue. Possibly the day I got my dog? Or maybe my first trip to the AG store? What Ice-cream flavor do you like best?I loooooooove cookie-dough icecream, but I like plain vanilla too. ;)I nominate:
Izzy Sheptak
American Girl Place
Seven Dolls
Auttumn Raelin
A Doll's Life
Kathryn P.
AGD Time
Lydia Therese
Ginger Spice
American Girl Lover

Yes, That's a lot... But I just HAD to nominate all my followers! Thanks so much guys! I won't comment on their blogs since I know they'll get alerted of this post since they were super sweet and followed my blog. If I nominated you, here's your questions!
1. How/Why did you begin blogging?
2.What is your favorite mix+match doll outfit you own?
3. What types of posts do you like to look at best?
Thanks so much for reading guys! Until next time,


  1. Thanks for nominating me! Are you going to do the summer bucket list tag that I nominated you for?

    1. You're welcome! Of course I am, I'm just waiting so I don't post 3 posts in one day. :) Plus, I need time to think about it.

  2. Thank you for nominating me!

    1. No problem! You deserve it Bella! Fun Fact: I originally named Lands Of Lorvias character "Orchid", Bella!

  3. Thanks for nominating me! I hope to get it up in a few days.

  4. Thanks for nominating me, dear. ^-^
    xo Adi

    1. You're perfectly welcome Adi! You remind me of Rylee from Picture Perfect AG! :) She is dearly missed...

  5. Congrats for getting nominated!

  6. Hey AmericanGirlDolls4Ever! I am working on my award post since you nominated me and I want to know exactly what you meant by the mix and match outfit question?

    1. Like... An outfit you put together yourself, using doll pieces from different sets/outfits. For example, I like pairing Isabelle's meet shoes and shirt with Saige's jeggings.

  7. Thanks for nominating me!


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