Friday, May 15, 2015

A Break From Dolls...

Don't worry, it's just for the weekend! :) I'm just going to my Dad's like I do every other weekend, and don't feel like bringing my dolls. I'm going to be trying to post on Wild Among The Flowers though! So be sure to follow my personal blog to keep up with me this weekend. ;) I really need a new header for Wild Among The Flowers... Right now I just have a generic one. Kathryn, if you're reading this, could you help me with that?



  1. I saw the title and was like, NOOOOOOOOOO! Not you, too! Then I read the post and it all made sense! XD


  2. Goodness me, I thought you were ditching your dolls for a bit! *deep sigh of relief*
    Sure, I can make you a header! Email me at to clarify preferences. : )

    1. No, just two days. :) Thank you! You're really good at it! Expect an e-mail from me soon!


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