Sunday, May 3, 2015

Some Edited "Custom Dolls"

Hi! If you follow EverythingAG (owned by Watermelon and Rasberry) Then you just saw a tutorial for editing doll photos to resemble custom dolls. If you didn't, then basically you can get pictures of two dolls, and put them together to create a "custom" doll! I made quite a few, so here they are!


  1. They're all so cute!

    1. Thank you! Which one is your favorite?

    2. I would have to say the last one or the second one!

    3. The last one is definently the coolest. She kinda looks like Niki (or however you spell that, you know- that one girl of the year who trained a dog or something... Idk)
      And I like the first one with the different colored eyes. So cool!

    4. Thanks Gwen! Yeah, thought of that. :) I think it's spelled Nikki, but whatever. I like the one with different eyes too! Thanks so much for commenting, haven't seen you in a while!

    5. I like the second one and the last one like Gwen!

    6. The last one reminds me of MAG 33, but she has those ADORABLE freckles!


  2. I think the last one looks the best!



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