Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Story I'm Writing

Hello! I'm at my stepbrother's baseball game, so I probably won't be able to get any pictures up today.
:( I did however, start a new writing piece. Here it is-

    I darted around the foggy forest, trying to find an opening in the misty shadows. "It's like a maze in here!" I thought. I spotted something coming my way, so I immediately scrambled under a holly-bush.
   Stealthily curving through the trees, a silent shark flew into my sight with spooky ease. I clutched the periwinkle amulet that hung loosely around my neck. The shark slowly approached my bush and I pressed myself to the ground clenching my teeth.
    I knew the shark had seen me. 

I don't know why the text got bigger... Anyway, what do you guys think so far? What do you like? What could I improve? I'd appreciate input! Thanks!


P.S: Here is the prompt that inspired me-



  1. I like it! Keep writing it!

    1. Thank you! Would you like further updates on it?

  2. WOAHWOIAH. That was awesome. Keep updating it! I'd love to hear more!

  3. That Is PERFECT! Keep on writing!


  4. Wow, I am so intrigued! I would love to continue reading. : )

    1. It makes me really happy that you are enjoying it! I'll post more of it soon!


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