Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Doll Family Of 7~ Molly

Hi! I was inspired by Adi and Leah to do this post. I feel like my doll's personalities are unknown to you... despite the "All My Dolls" page. Hopefully, this series of posts will help with that. Today, you will learn all about Molly, my dear first doll. And you will learn about her from... The other dolls!

Emily: That's her. The amazing, wonderful, MOLLY!!!!
Molly: Yep... That's me.
Emily: Molly is my best friend. (And my adopted sister)

Isabelle: Molly doesn't have  much of a style... She likes fancy dresses, but is usually just in casual shorts and t-shirts.
Emily: She's beautiful anyway!
Isabelle: I didn't say she wasn't... but she could put a bit more effort in.
Ruthie: That's enough! Molly's pretty, now let's get on with the post!
Molly: Thank you, Ruthie.

Kit: Me and Molly get along pretty well, because we both like the outdoors!
Molly: Yep, climbing trees is pretty awesome.
Saige: I agree!

Isabelle: With me and Molly, we don't talk much... because we don't have much in common. But when we're filming Lands Of Lorvias, you'd think we'd be BFF's!
Molly: That's true. Remember that time when I forgot all my lines, so you just pretended to zap me with your wand?
Isabelle: Oh yeah... That was hilarious!

Saige: Molly's always been your average neighborhood girl, always playing outside with all the kids on the street.
Kit: Yeah, the picture above is of Molly's old friend Anna. They would always play with chalk on the sidewalk together before Anna moved to Tokyo.
Molly: I miss Anna... And I haven't even got to talk to her since she left because she's still on a boat on the way there!

(That's true, Anna is my former neighbor Meg's doll, and is still shipping to her in Tokyo.)

Grace: In the short time I've been in this family, I've learned that Molly can always be counted on.
Isabelle: I know that Molly will always be there for me when I need a friend.
Ruthie: Molly can always make me laugh when I'm upset.
Kit: Molly is ready for an adventure anytime.
Saige: Molly is compassionate, and is always ready to help.
Emily: Molly is a girl with a big heart and will always be my best friend.
Molly: Aww... Thanks guys! I love you too!
Molly was my first doll and because of that she will always be special to me. I hope you enjoyed this post! If you haven't already, be sure to go enter my 20 Followers Contest! Bye guys!

(Signed in Molly's favorite colors) ;)


  1. I wish there was a girl like Molly on my street. I could use a couple kids to play with.

  2. Great post! I'd love to see more of these. :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler


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