Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Some FAQ about my contest

I've had lots of questions about my 20 follower contest. Here, I'll answer a few real quick.

If I'm not following you now, can I follow you and then enter?
Yes! You can!

Do I have to enter by June 1st or just say I'm entering?
You have to let me know you're entering my June 1st, but the actual competition won't start until June 5th.

What is the prize?
I haven't decided yet, but sadly, I won't be able to send it in the mail.

How long will it last?
5 weeks, 5 themes.

So... There you go! I hope I answered all your questions, and if you have more, feel freeto leave them in the comments! I have already had 6 people enter my contest, and I'm super excited! Please enter so you can join in the fun! Thanks for reading, bye!



  1. Hey! Sorry I still havnt done the reading challenge. But I was gonna do it today but i cant find the post. Its probably too late. But oh well.

    1. Oh that's pkay! It is NOT too late, and if you'd still like to do it you can find it here:


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