Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hey! Quick question/You pick!

Hey Peeps! No,  I don't have anything special... no Lands Of Lorvias, no dollhouse tour... not even a photoshoot. Sorry. I do however, have a question! I am going to the coast/beach this weekend, and I want to bring some dolly friends! (As always!). Anywho, I'm not sure who to pick! Mind helping me out? Of course you don't! Just in case you don't remember which dolls I have, I'll list them below. If you want more info on each doll, click here. Okay, here's the list. :)

  • Molly
  • Emily
  • Saige
  • Kit
  • Ruthie
  • Isabelle 
  • Grace 
I can't wait to see who you choose! Also, I'm am SUPER excited because my only friend that likes dolls will be at the coast with me! I barely ever get to see her, and when I do I love it because all of my other friends have "Grown Out Of" dolls. She has 3 AG dolls, Julie, Kirsten, and Saige. She also has a pair of Bitty Twins.  Enough of my babbling, please comment who you'd like to see best! I can manage 3 dolls, but I will most likely only bring 2. Only suggest up to 3 dolls please. :) Most voted for dolls get to come with me! Bye!



  1. Hmmm....when I'm deciding which doll to bring on a trip I put all their names on pieces of paper and do a random draw. That might be fun. : D
    I do it "to be fair" or else all my girls would fight. : )


  2. Oh! That's a great idea! I'm doing that!

  3. I would say Saige because your friend has he,r and maybe Grace?

    1. I have been neglecting Saige and Grace lately... I may bring them. Then again, Kit and Ruthie have been getting ignored too.

  4. Replies
    1. I'm bringing Saige and Grace. ;) I drew names out of a jar.

  5. Awesome! I love good reads! Also, would you mind going to my blog and making a caption for a picture contest? Thanks!

  6. Saige and Grace. Or Ruthie.



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