Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I Plan To Post!

Hey guys,
Sorry I haven't been posting lately...
I've been well, busy.
Also, as Gwen The Magnificent once said, my dad needs to mind his own beeswax and turn down the hate meter.
Gwen is awesome.
I plan to post! Really! I have a fun photostory planned for tomorrow!
I'm going to the coast with my Dad Thursday... And of course Molly and Izzy will come with me since they're the only dolls I brought to my Dad's.
I'm posting this from my phone so sorry if it turns out really bad. It's just an apology, really. Also, if I'm not posting on here, be sure to check my other blogs (Wild Among The Flowers and My Life Of Horses And Riding) for more. Hope you understand the lack of posts, but are ready for more!
You guys are amazing.

Your's, Tenley


  1. It's ok I totally understand! :) I agree, Gwen is awesome. ;P
    Ooo if you take pictures on the coast, O'd love to see them! :)


    1. Thanks. Yes, Gwen is awesome. I hope to!

  2. *squeals and dances in a circle* they think I'm arwsome they think I'm awesome they think I'm awesome!

    1. Ha ha. Yes, we do think you're awesome.


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