Friday, June 12, 2015

My Dolls Have Discovered Telekinesis, via Alone In Doll World.

Always remember to guard your computer from your dolls.

Kit was on my computer, which I had forgotten to install a crocodile infested moat around. She was looking at Alone In Doll World, when she found a particularly interesting post...

"Wow! Ruthie come check this out!" Kit shouted. "What is it?" Ruthie asked. "Gwen's dolls have discovered telekinesis!" "Telekewhatis?" Ruthie questioned. "Telekinesis!" Kit exclaimed, "They can move things with their minds!" "Wow! That's awesome!" Ruthie said, "Let's try it! I'll go get a pencil!" 


So then Ruthie tumbled off the bed, searching the floor before returning with a pencil. 

"Now what?" Ruthie asked as the girls sat surrounding the green pencil. "I guess we just... stare at it." Kit replied. And so Kit and Ruthie stared at the pencil... and stared... and stared...

"Nothing!" The girls shouted, throwing up their hands. (Not like puking up their hands, actually putting them above their heads.)

After proclaiming their frustration, Kit and Ruthie decided that after all this hard work of sitting and staring, they deserved some Oreos. So they left the pencil and went to the kitchen. 

Meanwhile, Saige was passing by and decided to see what was on the computer screen.
"Telekinesis?" She said to herself. "Cool! I'm gonna try it!" Oh look,  there's a pencil!"

"Let's see..." Saige murmured, settling herself down in front of the pencil.

"Aha!" She shouted in triumph as the pencil began to float around in mid-air.

Then Kit and Ruthie entered the room. Seeing that Saige had so easily succeeded in doing what they had relentlessly worked on for hours with no such progress, they promptly shouted, "GET HER! CHARGE!" And this resulted in me finding the following scene as I entered the room.

Ha ha ha. I hope you enjoyed this post. It was very different from what I normally do. Do you want to see more posts like it? Let me know in the comments! Bye!


  1. That was really funny! ;) I need to guard my laptop from now on. XD


    1. Thank you! It would do you good to invest in some fire-breathing, laptop-guarding miniature trolls.

  2. I love Saige's outfit! Cute photo-story! I will be sure to guard my computer! :)

    Allie D.

    1. Thanks! As I always say, invest in fire-breathing trolls!!! :P

  3. XD that's AWESOME!
    Lilly, my doll house's leading expert on telekinesis, would like to congratulate saige on her great achievement.

    1. :) Thanks! Saige says thank you very much.

  4. Haha! That was funny! I really limed reading it! :)

    1. Thank you! Limed? I assume you mean something like "enjoyed" or "laughed".

    2. Or perhaps "liked"? K and m are very close together.
      Then again, maybe limes are just so happy that they have become a verb.

    3. Ahh... I do believe that she meant "liked", although I will keep the happy limes in mind.

  5. So cute! Now just to be sure my dolls don't get on the computer and discover this power (although I think it would be helpful for Rebecca, she keeps falling everywhere) I will have to rent a few alligators ;)

  6. Ha ha, that was really funny!



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