Saturday, June 13, 2015

Maybe we can fly? Nope.

Here's another photostory of my dolls with magic powers. Credit for this idea goes to Alone In Doll World.

Kit and Ruthie were sitting outside discussing the previous day, when Saige had begun to make pencils float around.

"So," Kit said, "I think I found out why we can't move things with our minds like Saige can." "Why?" Ruthie asked. "Because that's now our power. I mean, there's tons of other powers... like flying!" "Flying?" Ruthie asked, unconvinced. "Yes flying!" Kit exclaimed, "I'm gonna go try it!" "Kit, wait." Ruthie said, holding out her hand like she was signaling to traffic, but it was too late.

"Here goes nothing!" Kit said as she bravely propelled herself off of the fence. 

"Oof." Kit said as she slammed onto the ground. Guess she can't fly... "Oww... my leg..." She moaned.

"Kit! Are you okay? What's wrong?" Ruthie panicked. "It's... my leg." Kit groaned. 

"Here, let me see." Ruthie said, moving her hand slowly to touch Kit's knee.

When Ruthie touched Kit's knee, it began to glow!  And then... Kit's leg was healed!

"Well I guess we know what YOUR power is." Kit said sitting up, "Oh yeah, and thanks."

Okay so... not my best. But I hope you liked it anyway! Bye!


  1. Ooh! Healing powers! That's cool.
    I hate the whole credit thing because I'm never sure that I'm the first one to do something. I'd like if we can all share theories and methods of doing things without giving credit.
    Ideas are free.

    1. Thanks! I actually just kind of came up with that when Kit fell... Originally Kit was going to fly. Okay! I'm sorry, I wasn't aware you didn't like the credits... I won't do them anymore! My apologies!

    2. XD don't be sorry either! I just want people to be able to post creatively and gather inspiration without having their idols hound them for credit. This isn't an idea exercised often..... I guess we just really like shout outs... That must be why we have the string of awards every month too. Now I'm just getting my thoughts all over the place! :P
      Oh well. I do things a little differently, don't I?
      So steal my ideas all you want- imitation is the highest form of flattery- an belive me, I am flattered.
      And how did you do the rainbow-y thing for kit's leg? Was it a sun flare? Plastic bag? Filter?

    3. Yep. You do things differently, but in my opinion, the way you do things is better than the usual way of thinking. Glad you're flattered. The rainbow effect was just a filter I found on some website called "BeFunky". ;P

  2. Ooh that's super cool!! I wonder if Kit ever discovers her power... that would make a really cool photostory series or something! :)


    1. I am making a series type thing out of this.

    2. Not I intentionally, by the way, but these posts are really fun!

  3. Cute photostory! I hope Kit finds her power soon! ;)

    1. Thanks! Let's just hope she can do that without firing herself off any more tall objects!

  4. Definitely make a series out of this! I hope Kit finds her power if she has any :)

    1. I think I will! You'll just have to wait and see... ;)


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