Monday, June 15, 2015

Updates... La la la la

Hey people of the blogosphere!
Here's some updates! *Warning: Long and boring but extremely necessary!*

I'm going to my dad's house for 3 weeks, I am bringing Molly and Isabelle. I am trying to get out of going for 3 full weeks, and instead go for 1 week. If I can manage this I MIGHT go to the AG store in Dallas or Houston on my birthday. Posts will be limited, but they will be there. I have 1 entry in for 20 Follower Contest challenge 2.... Don't forget to submit your's soon. That's really all but I'm really flustered with a lot on my mind right now so yeah... Bye.



  1. Ok. Try to have fun at your dad's!
    Do Molly and Isabelle have magic powers?

  2. Have fun with your dad!
    I'll pray for you in the hopes you'll feel less flustered and down(I saw your comment on my blog.)


  3. oh, i do hope you have a good time with your dad. :) just try to make the best of it. :3
    aw, sorry to hear you're flustered.


  4. Will it be OK if I post the challenge tomorrow?

  5. Yes, but I'll have to take 2 points off.


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